Donald Trump – Yuck

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I’ve been steaming about Donald Trump ever since he said that John McCain isn’t a war hero.  He claims that nobody was insulted, well, I was insulted.  I’ve always thought of Donald Trump as nothing but a blowhard with more money than sense and, with his campaign for President, he’s proving me correct.  With even non-Republican friends saying things like, “I admire his honesty”, I thought I should write this blog to add some facts into Trump’s veneer.

While John McCain was flying missions over Vietnam and a POW,  Donald Trump was using Daddy’s money and government deferments to attend Fordham University and, then the University of Pennsylvania.  Once Trump graduated, he had a job at his father’s real estate company waiting for him and $200,000 in his pocket, according to a Washington Post article.  Trump makes himself out to be a self-made man, but the truth is – he didn’t do this all on his own.

Hell, all of us could be rich if we started with family connections and $200,000 in our pocket.  He isn’t someone to be admired.  People who should be admired are the ones who started with nothing and rose to the top of the heap.  People like Kenny Troutt (the founder of Excel Communications), Ralph Lauren (founder of Polo), Larry Ellison (Oracle founder), Oprah (like I have to tell you), Ursula Burns (CEO of Xerox), and John Paul Dejoria (co-founder of John Paul Mitchell) are the people to be admired.  Each one of them started from the very bottom and they worked their way up into Billionaire status and (as far as I know), unlike Trump, not a bankruptcy among them.

It’s time to relegate Trump and the blowhards like him to the ignore zone.  We shouldn’t be putting boys like him on pedestals and walking around clamoring like he’s worth our time.  His comments regarding immigrants from Mexico pander to the lowest of Americans, whom we should really leave behind.  Racists have no place in American society and, if Donald Trump wants to be their leader, let him do it outside of the view of TV cameras.

Immigration Reform: The Big Left Conspiracy!

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GOP members beware!  The left is conspiring to eliminate you, according to both Ann Coulter and Human Events, a poorly named Conservative website.  According to Ann’s new full of crap book (pretty much just like her last one), immigration reform is the Democrats’ weapon to slaughter the unsuspecting Republicans.  Apparently, this “is an open conspiracy by the Left”, you know, because conspiracies work best if everybody knows about them.

And, it gets worse – like that’s possible with a drip like Ann Coulter – Did you know that – 1964 election aside – “Democrats have not been able to get a majority of white people to vote for them in a presidential election since 1948.”?  Apparently, Ann has a very short memory because in 1996, Clinton captured the white vote.  In Ann’s “specific, gruesome and verifiable detail”, she lays out the plan that by allowing illegal immigrants to become US citizens, they will all vote Democrat and that will eliminate the GOP.

See how that works?

Did you see my eye roll?

Since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have been swinging right – far right.  They’ve turned into government hating, affirmative action banning, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-education, anti-religious freedom (unless you’re straight, white and Christian), anti-healthcare, pro-business party.  There policy seems to be if it moves, ban it.  Who else besides white men are going to vote for that?

If Coulter really wanted to look into something substantial, she should look into why the Republican Party has been losing women voters in every Presidential election since 1992.  According to Gallup, the last time a Republican won the women’s vote was in 1988, when Bush I scored a whopping 52% of women voters.  Considering women make up 51% of the population, I would think the GOP would be worried more about why they’re losing women and less into making up lies about a Leftist conspiracy.

Perhaps, they could find something that would rally votes from all races and sexes?  Maybe, then they wouldn’t have to gerrymander the states to secure their jobs.

GOP and Marriage Equality

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The Supreme Court put an end to the marriage equality question and legalized it in all fifty states. In reply, the GOP Candidates for President collectively lost their heads. Scott Walker is calling for a Constitutional Amendment as well as saying the Supreme Court really didn’t have the power to do this. (Don’t any of these guys actually read the Constitution?) Bobby Jindal is calling to abolish the Court, while Mike Huckabee is calling for a revolution.

This is why I still can’t vote Republican. They are not the party of ideas. They are not the party of progress. They are the party of pandering. 60% of Republicans are against marriage equality, while 60% of the nation is for it. When that many people are against, what else can they say?

The sad part of this is that one of the far right, no new ideas candidates will become the GOP’S candidate for President. Any Democrat will look like a far left socialist in comparison. The GOP is the party of my youth. I loved Nixon and, had I been old enough, I would have supported Reagan. I admire Eisenhower and, next to Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite President. But, men like them can never lead the Republicans again. They were men of strong convictions and intellect.  They valued learning. Now, we have Scott Walker who couldn’t make it through college and doesn’t understand how the Supreme Court has the right to knock down unconstitutional laws. This is who the GOP wants running the country?

The GOP’S tired Gays, Guns, and God bit has to go. Not just in Presidential Candidates, but throughout all their politicians. The way Congress has spent the last six years fighting President Obama on every issue is insane. Their policy of repeating the same tired vote to eliminate the ACA is insane. Their calls for even lower taxes of the wealthy and corporations is insane. They refer to Social Security as an entitlement like it’s a bad thing. Jeb Bush blames single moms for welfare and pretty much the GOP follows along, totally ignorant to the fact that welfare doesn’t work that way anymore and hasn’t in almost twenty years. Walker, that bastion of no intellect is gutting the education of the state of Wisconsin.

Should I go on?

What I don’t understand is how any reasonable, intelligent adult could support the Republicans. How could you look at the problems of today and still support this group of men from the past?

The thought of it is insane.

Wisconsin AB177 AKA Shaming the Poor Bill

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While we were rooting for the Blackhawks, our WI state legislature was passing the absolute most despicable, unChristian, unAmerican, horrific law. 2015 Asssembly Bill 177 that limits “the foods that may be purchased under FoodShare…”  On top of this, people with benefits (which are paid out of our Federal tax dollars) will have to swipe their “benefit card before scanning any items that the recipient is purchasing.”

Really?  So everyone in line can know whether or not something they’re purchasing is allowed? 

But, it doesn’t end there…

“Under the bill, DHS is required to reimburse retailers and warehouse suppliers in this state for their initial implementation costs associated with the new requirements.”

This means the costs retailers incur to purchase new software that allows the pre-swiping of the cards will come out of our state tax dollars.  This is an unnecessary expense our cash strapped state doesn’t need to incur.

For a party that claims they want smaller government, they sure are set on spending tax dollars to limit the ability of people to make their own choices.

This is the most unbelievable act of shaming the poor possible.  We have now gone from being a great state to being a state full of selfish, inconsiderate, unChristian and contemptible people possible.  We can no longer hold our heads high when we say we’re from Wisconsin.  We need to hang our heads with shame.  Jesus say what you do for the least of you, you do for me.  Well, we have just shamed the least of us – may God have mercy on your souls.

The Wife, The Maid and the Mistress

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I just finished reading “The Wife, The Maid and the Mistress” by Arial Lawhon.  This is a really good book.  I finished it in just a couple of days.  I took it everywhere with me, not relying on my kindle books to see my through and leaving it at home, like I do most books.
The book jumps into the true story of Judge Crater, who was seen getting into a cab in August, 1930 and was never seen again.   Lawhon’s version is fictionalized – a version that could have happened, not necessarily what did happen.  She winds her way between the goings on in 1930 – 31 New York and 1969 New York in such a way that you feel like it is all happening now.
I both couldn’t wait to see how Lawhon tied it all together and wanted to slow down to savor every word, paragraph and page.
If you read just one book in the next month, make it this one.  You won’t regret it.
Happy Reading!

The Haters on Immigration

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So, I’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy because my grandson, Danny, is reading the books and I want something to discuss with him.  But, while the books are well written and interesting, I have to say that I hate them.  I hate the idea that a world like that could exist.  I want the happy ending, not the rule by force that comes in the Hunger Games.  (For the record, I’m only at the beginning of book two.)

Anyway, it led me to thinking that our country is headed for something like this, but the control won’t come and isn’t coming from the government – it’s coming from the business owners.  Not the mom and pop down the street, I’m referring to the Koch brothers and others like them.  It’s funny how people blame the government for everything that is wrong in their lives and don’t realize that much of the sorrow of the country comes from the so-called job creators.

And, because I have ADHD and can’t stay on topic for long, that led me to thinking about immigration.  Our country was built by immigrants.  We have a long line of people who came from far off lands dreaming of the beacon of light that is the United States of America.  From the Brits (from whom I am descended) to the Krauts (also in my bloodline) to the Jews (Ditto) and to the Micks (yes, them too – I’m just a genetic mutt), we have had boatloads of people who want to fulfill the American dream arrive on our shores.

Now, these people are coming from the south of us and we have the nerve to be angry?  We have a problem with someone who doesn’t look like us wanting to be one of us?  How can that be?

These people are fleeing poverty.  They want their children to live better lives.  They want their families to be safe.  Isn’t that what we all want?  How can we deny them that?

They come here through awful conditions and they take the jobs none of us want anyway and they make their lives (and ours) better.  They pick our fruit, mow our lawns and work hard.  They even – yes, they do – pay taxes.  And, their children become (for the most part) upstanding members of our society.  And, the melting pot becomes a little larger with another culture, language and customs.  How is that not a good thing?

If we don’t want Mexicans, Columbians, etc. from crossing our borders, then we need to act in ways with the world that will help their countries become better places.  No one wants to live in a world where the choices for the daughters are whore or die and the choices for their sons is drug dealer or die.  While we have fought a multibillion dollar war against drugs, the children of our southern neighbors have suffered.  But, that’s  an issue for another article.

In the meantime, let’s show a little love.  Let’s stop being the ignorant assholes the rest of the world thinks we are. Let’s start being the Americans who live in the beacon of light of freedom and stop whining like babies.