Man Shoots TV Because of Bristol Palin!

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I should file this under “Only in Wisconsin”, but I won’t.  Read the whole story here.   The short version is that a Wisconsin man shot out his TV because Bristol Palin is still on “Dancing With the Stars”.  Apparently, he thinks she’s awful.  Can’t say I totally blame him.  From what I hear, she’s sucked this whole time, but she is popular enough with the viewers to still be voted back week after week.  She is in the top 3.  I’ve read items that blame this on a conspriracy, but I don’t think it is.  I think it is just like that singer who sucked, but made it pretty long on “American Idol”.  A bunch of people decide that they all will vote for her and all other votes are spread among the rest of the contestants.  I can see a bunch of Sarah Palin supporters getting together and voting for her.  And, if she was losing or lost, we’d be hearing about the conspiracy against her.

Bristol, according to a USA Today article would very much disagree with this idea.  She believes, and I’m quoting, “I think lots of people see themselves in me because I’m pretty untouched when it comes to celebrity status”.   We all know how I feel about her being on the show in the first place.  I posted it here.

This video is what I believe happened once the man was at the Police Station.  One comment, I don’t understand how a man with a bipolar disorder and a history of violence could possibly still be legally able to own a shot gun, but – God forbid – we take away a mentally unstable man’s right to own a deadly weapon.  I do hope and pray that this incident allows him to get the help he needs.

Still, doesn’t stop me from finding the humor in the situation.  I can’t wait until Xtranormal characters can have emotions in their voices.  I think the humor loses something because they can’t.

I hope you enjoy it!



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