How to Light a Bonfire…

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using Rockets.

Today’s video was posted by PenneyWhistle Productions.  I found it not only informative, but slightly humorous – not fall out of your chair humorous.  I love the line at the end about how this shows that Christians can have fun, too.  I don’t really get it, as I’m a Christian and I have fun all the time.  I wasn’t under the impression that Christians couldn’t have fun, but perhaps, I’m missing the point.


One thought on “How to Light a Bonfire…

    Monex said:
    February 5, 2011 at 12:40

    Well one is someone who is merely using the title for convenience and to be part of the club while the other is really committed to changing their life in a major way.. And Heavily Flawed.If it wasn t hard enough to have to identify real followers of Christ here is some more bad news. But you should be flattered that were willing to sacrifice whatever fragments of our dignity we have left for your benefit.

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