eBooks, the Kindle and Me

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I love books and I love reading books.  To me, there’s something magically about walking through a bookstore, especially a used bookstore, to discover the treasures on the shelves.  I love being able to attend an author book signing and meeting them face to face. (BTW, thank you Jamie Leigh Curtis, your signing in Milwaukee was over 3 years ago and I’m still talking about it!)  When I can’t attend a signing and the author is at an independent bookstore, I’ll order the book.  Opening that package is a total thrill.  I especially cherish the sight of Max Barry’s signature in my copy of Company!  He wrote: “For Julie – You may read this while drinking from your Zephyr mug.  Max Barry” and he drew a smiley face. (Sidebar:  I won a Zephyr mug in a contest.)  How freaking cool is that?

Anyway, I thought that I could never enjoy a book unless I was turning the pages or listening to someone read it to me.  (Books on CD are the world’s greatest invention when you have an hour + drive into work each morning.)  And, I still love to read a book.  I still get excited going into a bookstore and discovering a new treasure.

That said, I am loving reading books on my phone.  Sure, the screen is small, but I can carry a boatload of books with me!  This saves me from the “what if I stuck somewhere and I don’t like the book I’ve brought with me” issue, because I currently have ten different books on my phone (or more, I stopped counting after ten).  I’ve been taking books out of the library and reading them since I purchased my phone back in December.  However; recently, I started reading Kindle eBooks using my Kindle Reader app.  The Kindle doesn’t work with my library’s eBooks, so there’s no way I’m going to shell out over a hundred dollars to purchase something that isn’t universally usable.  However; with the Kindle Reader app, I can still use my phone with my library AND I can purchase Kindle books.  It’s a win-win situation.

And, that brings me to Kindle Singles.  These are short books or long articles, depending on your point of view, that Amazon has hand picked.  The cost of them is low and the whole idea is that you can pretty much read them in one sitting.  I am loving this concept and I wanted to make you – all five of my readers – aware that this was out there.


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