Perry’s right & Bachmann’s wrong on HPV vaccine

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Rick Perry’s motives may be suspect, but Michele Bachmann (and Sarah Palin) lives in a dream world. Preventing cervical cancer should be the ends here. Making sure that young girls are protected so that they don’t suffer later should be more important than Bachmann’s going to the gutter to assume this means we’re going to allow 6th graders to have sex.

We give our children many vaccines that are mandatory – this one prevents cancer. Apparently, Bachmann doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the 12,000 women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. And, HPV isn’t just associated with cervical cancer; they list goes on: penile, vulvar, vaginal, anal and oropharyngeal (according to the CDC website).

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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