Hank Williams, Jr’s Misguided Remarks

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When I first read the headline “Hank Williams, Jr Compares Obama to Hitler”, I rolled my eyes and got a little mad that I wouldn’t be able to listen to his music again. I admit, it was a knee jerk reaction.
Then, I read his actual comment and realized that ESPN is not only wrong to pull his song from Monday Night Football, they’re wrong in their intepertation.

“Come on. That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Not hardly.”

That’s what he said.

Not only did he NOT call Obama Hitler – he wasn’t even making a statement on Obama’s policy. He was discussing President Obama playing golf with John Boehner and against Vice President Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich. He merely meant that political opposites aren’t going to bond over golf.

Do I agree with him? Yeah, I think I do.

Do I think he could’ve chosen better words? Yep.

Do I think he should apoligize? Nope.  Let’s cut the crap and stop backtracking all over our First Amendment rights.

ESPN needs to reinstate the song. But, they probably won’t. No one seems to have any balls anymore.

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