Perry, Hitler and Issues

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There it was on Facebook, a picture of Rick Perry standing at a podium in a Heil Hitler stance. I knew it was coming. He’s a right wing guy and eventually, he’s going to stand a certain way that makes him look like he’s doing the Heil Hitler salute, someone will snap the shot and the far left will jump all over it. Thank God he doesn’t have a mustache.

I’m not passing on the picture; my headline is incenerating enough. And, if you come across it on Facebook or anywhere else, please don’t pass it on, either.

Let’s stop all this nonsense and start discussing facts about what’s going on in this nation. Let’s drop the Hitler references and the socialist/Muslim references and let’s discuss what needs to be done to fix our economic problems. The economy and how to fix it should be our only discussion.

Could we try for a little while to stop slinging mud?

Let’s try to have something we haven’t had in this country in a long while: an adult conversation.

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