No Attack on Christianity

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I’d like to point something out:  There’s no attack on Christianity here.  We are in the majority and wouldn’t Jesus’ disciples be surprised.  Don’t you know why we celebrate Christmas with trees and on December 25th?  Because back in the day, we could be persecuted for living out our faith.  Jesus, most likely, wasn’t born in December.  He was born in the spring, but so Christians could hide from those who would hunt them down, we moved his birth to coincide with the winter solstice.  That way, we could celebrate our faith more openly.

And, so what if Christ has been moved from our schools?  The teaching of Christ to our children shouldn’t belong to a government worker – it should belong to the parents.  And, the fuss about Happy Holidays verses Merry Christmas?  Get over it.  Businesses want to sell their products to people of all faiths.  When someone says, “Happy Holidays” just respond with “Merry Christmas”.  I do, why can’t you?

Our Christian faith shouldn’t be tied to our government.  Jesus said, “Render that which is Caesar to Caesar and render that which is God to God.” Even Christ believed in the separation of Church and State.

And, for goodness sake, quit whining!  Jesus doesn’t want wussy followers complaining all of the time.  If you have a relationship with Christ, then you don’t need your government to have one as well.  Live your life by Christ’s example.  He wasn’t whining on the cross.  Find strength in him – talk the talk and walk the walk.

And, remember His words about loving thy neighbor?  No where did he say unless the guy’s a Muslim or Jewish or any other faith.  Embrace your faith and allow your neighbor to embrace theirs.  Perhaps, when they see how you walk in Christ’s footsteps, they might want to convert or not.  It doesn’t matter to your salvation.


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