The Oscars

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Here it is, the morning after the Oscars and I’m wondering if anyone was surprised. 2011 was one of those rare years in which I hadn’t seen any movie nominated for any award.

In fact, I didn’t even walk into a movie theatre last year. I’m not alone. Movie attendance was down all across the country. Amazingly, the biggest money maker last year – Harry Potter – No Best Actor nod, no Best Actress nod and, in a field of 9 pictures, not even a nomination for Best Picture.

And, speaking of Best Picture, nominating 9 pictures seems a bit much, don’t you think? In a year of critically acclaimed dramas, did anyone actually believe that Bridesmaids had a chance?

Last night, for me at least, was not a night of surprises – save one. I drove Cheryl nuts by telling her the winner on all but three awards. Only of my misses surprised me and that was Meryl Streep finally winning again after 30 years and 15 nominations. I thought this would be Viola Davis’s year.

Finally, thank-you Mr. Billy Crystal! It had been a long time, but certainly well worth the wait. He brings a class and style no one else can.

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