Employers and Colleges Demand Facebook Access

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Bob Sullivan posted an article on MSNBC on how some employers and colleges are demanding access to potential employees and athletic students Facebook pages.  Because I’m writing this on my phone,  I am unable to copy the link and post it here.

The idea that a potential employer would demand access to my Facebook page is appalling.  Sure, we all talk about work, but for the most part, most of us keep home and work totally separate. So, foe an employer or a potential employer to demand access is just ridiculous.  Why would I hand over a list if all my friends to an employer? Why would I hand over transcripts of conversations to my employer? Considering that I use Facebook as my own political sounding board, turning over access would equate turning over a list of my political beliefs. Since employers can’t ask about religious or political beliefs in an interview, why should a prospective employee answer the question by giving access to their Facebook page?

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