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Like most people, I could use more money. And, like some people, I ask God to give me a hand. I don’t want or even need a lot. I just have some nagging bills I’d like to pay off. For example, my two medical bills that annoy the hell out of me. We’re not missing any meals, but I would love to put the money currently goin to the hospital into savings.

Anyway, we’re doing fine and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it to God. There are other things He needs to look into.

Somedays I think God has a sense of humor. Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve been approached twice about two jobs – both of these jobs offered a significant pay increase (the kind that would place me in a new tax bracket) . One was with a company that 8 months ago I would’ve jumped at the chance and offered an opportunity to work with a friend.

Faced with these two options – one a definite offer and the other needing a interview – I said no to both.

I know, crazy. But, I’ve found my dream job and jumping for money would be wrong. Plus, I did that once before and I was miserable.

To me, these two offers were carrots from God. It was His way of asking me what’s more important? Money or job satisfaction?  What is it that I want, because He’ll help – but I have to decide.

I’m glad that I get these opportunities to remember my blessings. Life is too short to concern yourself with what you don’t have.


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