Replacement Refs

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No fan likes to watch their team lose. And, it is more disappointing when it happens on Monday night football. And, it is worse when the loss comes from an egregious call in the last two seconds of the game.

I’ll grant that in the first half of the Green Bay Packer / Seattle Seahawks game, my beloved Packers did not play like a team that went 15 and 1 last season. In contrast, the Seattle Seahawks defense played like you would expect a Superbowl bound defense should play.

After halftime, the situation was reversed and it looked like the Packers had regrouped and began to play for a win. That said, Seattle’s defense rallied to stop the Packers from obtaining a first down, leaving the rookie quarterback enough time to score.

Unless you live without outside communication, you know what happened next. Seattle’s Wilson threw a hail Mary pass that was caught by Packer player Jennings. Seattle Player Tate had an arm in it. One ref signaled touchback and the other signaled touchdown.

The review came back that the ruling on the field stood. However; due to the incompetence of the on-field refs, there were two rulings on the field and the wrong one won out.

Since the strike of the regular referees, the rulings on the field have offered confusion and bad calls in nearly every game. Last night’s game had the most egregious one of all. The Packers return to the frozen tundra without the win and Seattle was handed a win they shouldn’t have. Perhaps now, the NFL will realize that the game cannot be played without the proper officiating staff.

Having the regular refs back doesn’t mean we won’t witness bad calls, but at least the bad calls will come from the guys who know the rules.

I just have one question for the NFL: How are those replacement refs working out for you?


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