Covert Affairs Returns

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I’m going to leave politics behind today to review USA’s “Covert Affairs”. When we last saw Annie a month ago, she had shot Lena dead and quite frankly, I was cheering. Not only was I upset at the death if Simon, the woman was a traitor to her country and traitors – real or fictional – should die. Whoops! There’s a little politics.

I don’t want to give away the plot, in case it’s still on your DVR. Suffice it to say, the Russians capture her and the race begins, will she escape? Will the CIA send in a rescue team? The episode was heart pounding, suspenseful action.

Except, in one blink and you’ll miss it seen, Joan – alone in her office – takes a pill. Now, this pisses me off. Why does every show have to have a pill storyline? Perhaps, nothing will come of it, but I’m not looking forward to watching a pill popping Joan work at the CIA. To me, it’s just not believable that this highly experienced woman would turn to drugs in a crisis.

The rest of the show, totally fun to watch.


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