Reading Challenge Accepted!

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I recently finished reading The Godfather by Mario Puzo on Sunday night.  I am a big fan of the movies and I had never read the book before.  I finished it in a week because, well, I could only read it at home and just for a short time.

Since last Sunday night, I’ve been looking for a book to read.  I own a kindle which is packed to the brim with books.  I have an enormous library of books scattered throughout my two bedroom, 800 sq foot home – there must be over 2,000 books – and I can’t find anything I want to read — I mean NOTHING!

My friends can attest to the number of books I own.  Most of my friends think I’m a little nuts to own so many books.  I’m sure they really think I’m insane because I can’t find anything to read!

In addition to not finding anything to read, I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about on a regular basis that doesn’t have anything to do with politics.   I know this is an election year, but I’m a little tired of politics at the moment.  Plus, when I see something worthwhile, I usually rant on Facebook and I don’t leave myself anything to say on my blog.

Then, very early this morning, a friend posted on Facebook a link to the most downloaded books in each state.  And, it dawned on me how I can combine blogging and reading into one nice, neat little package.  I’m going to read all 50 books.

Now, two things you should know about me:

  1. I read 475 words a minute with an 85% comprehension rate.  I read books faster than nearly anyone I know.
  2. I have ADHD.  This means, if I book doesn’t keep my interest, I’m bored.  This, usually, means that I have six or more books with bookmarks in them just waiting for me to return to finish.  On average, I am actively reading six books at a time – including the one from Audible I’m enjoying in my car.

It shouldn’t take me, depending on the books, that long to read through the list of books.  I’m thinking that, depending on the size of the book (and my interest level), I should be able to finish a book every five days times 50 books, I should be finished with all 50 books in 250 days or just over 8 months.

But, what kind of challenge would that be?  So, I’ve decided to really challenge myself and cut that down to four months.

Here’s what’s up first:


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