Reading Challenge: Day Thirty-two

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It’s a bit early for an update, but I’m still house sitting for my dad and his dog woke me up.
Thanks to my ADHD, I switched from Beautiful Ruins to Dear Cary by Dyan Cannon. Dear Cary is, so far, a love story. I’m about 200 pages into a 500 page book (according to the numbering system in Scribd’s app) and Cary Grant is the suave, debonair man you would expect him to be. Dyan Cannon seems more young girl and less feisty, confident woman than you would think her to be. I think that’s a sign of her writing in the moment. The book reads more like you’re there and it’s happening now, than it’s more than forty-five years later.
They meet when Dyan is at the beginning of her long, successful career, while Cary is winding his down. (Spoiler Alert: I think Charade* was his last film.) You can see the attraction both have for the other and reading Dyan’s memoir makes one feel like a fly on the wall. We all know how the story ends, but I love how we’re taken there.

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*UPDATE: I went and checked. Cary Grant’s last movie was Walk, Don’t Run.


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