Reading Challenge: Day 34

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After stating that I probably wouldn’t read the next book in the Princess Diaries line, prior to finishing the book, once the book was complete, I promptly downloaded the next one and started reading.  I made it in about five chapters before teenage angst overwhelmed me and I had to stop.  Princess Mia is good in small portions.
The Racine Library sent me a notice that “The Giver” was available and I had three days to claim it.  Having waited more than a month for the book, I quickly checked it out.  Unfortunately, I don’t even know what it is about, nor do I know why I put it on hold.  I do know that it isn’t on my reading list, so I’ll have to add it as an extra.  I love being able to put books on hold, but I think I might have to start keeping notes in order to remember why I put a book on hold in the first place.
Speaking of memories, when I set aside Princess Mia, I picked up “Dear Cary” again.  Reading this book by Dyan Cannon is an interesting adventure.  I cringe when suave Mr. Grant has a melt down you wouldn’t expect from such a debonair man.  However; even Cary Grant can’t be CARY GRANT 24/7.  Reading Cannon’s book has led me to watch “His Girl Friday” for the thousandth time.  I believe this movie just might be the best comedy ever.
In addition to watching Mr. Grant’s movies, I found myself picking up “Good Stuff” by Cannon and Grant’s only child, Jennifer Grant.  Reading about a daughter’s memories of her late father is not only interesting, but it is touching.  She sees Cary Grant through eyes that no one could possibly mimic.  There’s a sadness that runs through Jennifer’s tome, as even when she doesn’t mention it, you never forget that her father is gone.  We might mourn the actor, but she mourns her father.


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