Reading Challenge: Heaven is for Real

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The full title is “Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back”. This certainly is an astounding story. The miracle of Colton’s recovery is an amazing tale. Add in his tales of Heaven and you have a book that will truly move you.

Despite Colton’s father, Todd, being a preacher, the book isn’t preachy. This is a straight forward look at the fact that there is a Heaven.

Todd tells of how he rallied against God in anger. I so identified with that. I did the same thing when I learned that I couldn’t have children. Todd still received his miracle, while God answered me in other ways.

It’s comforting to think/believe that our granddaughter, Marrisa (who was stillborn) is growing in Heaven, like Colton’s older, miscarried sister.

I didn’t really need to read this book to believe in Heaven. However; it did settle any doubts.


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