Reading Challenge: Reading the List

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Here it is day four and I might have to make a change to my list.  I’ve been waiting for Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival from my local library for a while now. The book has finally come in. I might have to take another book off my list and replace it with this one.  The book is a historical account of Kate Chase Sprague, daughter of Secretary of the Treasury and later Supreme Court Chief Justice – Salmon P. Chase.

I’m looking forward to finding a spot in the near future where I can settle back into an easy chair and read to my little heart’s content.

Arrived in the mail this week was my copy of Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions by Matthew Dennison. I can’t wait to start making a dent in this very short biography of Queen Victoria of England. I just recently listened to a podcast about her by the History Chicks, which was fascinating and sent me on a search for books about her.  I don’t know a lot about Victorian England.

In the meantime, I am currently reading Ghost at Work. I’m more than halfway done with this interesting little mystery. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Happy Reading!


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