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I just finished reading “Wiseguy“, Nicolas Pileggi’s true tale of the Mafia in the sixties and seventies. The book was the basis for the Martin Scorsese film Good Fellas. The book originally came out in 1985 and the movie followed in 1990.

Cosmopolitan Magazine called “Wiseguy” “the best book ever written on organized crime.” And they’re right. You can’t put this book down. The book reads more like a novel than a non-fiction book. Yet, you’re always aware that all of this is true.

It’s a must read.

One thought about Henry Hill. It is clear from this book that the guy is smart. It’s, also, clear that he was willing to work hard and always think ahead. Ironically, Hill didn’t consider the scams and deals work. But, he put in as much effort into them as someone with a legitimate career puts into their work. I just wonder how much good he might have done had he gone after a legitimate schnook life.

But, then we wouldn’t have this great book and movie.

Challenge note: 4 down 96 more to go!

Happy Reading!


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