Wishful Drinking

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Ah, Debbie Reynolds. I just adore her. And, Carrie Fisher? Who doesn’t have a crush on Carrie Fisher?(I should note that I have a crush on the Carrie from When Harry Met Sally and her recent talk show appearances – not the Carrie from Star Wars. I should, also, note that I have a major crush on her mother, too.)

Wishful Drinking is a wonderful book. You feel the love Carrie has for her mom, as well as the agnst at growing up with Debbie Reynolds for a mom. You will laugh out loud (or I did) when she describes the incident with her brother and a gun. The book came out years ago and I happen to have an autographed copy on my bookshelf.

This book was a hard read. Not because of big words or anything, it was the parts when she discusses her mother. As you may know, I lost my mother last year. Lost. Isn’t that a strange word to use instead of death. It sounds like if I could just locate a good lost and found, I could have my mother back.

Being fans of Debbie Reynolds was something Mom and I have in common. After reading the aforementioned gun incident, I put the book down and reached for the phone. I had to tell Mom. It would crack her up. And, then I remember I can’t call. I no longer have her number.

A few years ago, Debbie Reynolds came to Milwaukee and we got tickets. We went to Pottawatomie Bingo and Casino and enjoyed an amazing show. For some reason, Dad and Cheryl sat next to each other, then Mom and I had the aisle. We went in the front row of the balcony. I just have such a fond memory of that and sadness that we won’t do that again.

Outside of Debbie Reynolds and the Dick Van Dyke Show, we didn’t have a lot in common. But, I miss her everyday and this book just brought back the good and the bad.

For Mother’s Day last year, I bought Mom Debbie’s latest book. It was sitting by her bedside. She hadn’t cracked the cover. It now sits by my bedside and I can’t bring myself to crack the cover.

But … this is a book review. Read Carrie Fisher’s book.

This makes five down – 95 more to go. I have to read one book every 3 days in order to make it to 100 in a year. I’m a little behind.


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