From Notting Hill with Love Actually

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I’m reading From Notting Hill with Love…Actually and the beginning was very good. But, this is getting to be too much. Scarlett O’Brien is movie crazy.  She looks for movie moments every where.  Her problem is that everyone around her – from her father to her best friend to her boring fiance, David – thinks she needs to get her head into the game.  David is the worse of the lot.  He’s boring, all business and a cheapskate.  He’s totally unlikable.

Then, Scarlett gets an opportunity to stay in a flat in Notting Hill and the story begins.  She meets her neighbor, Sean, and they befriend each other.  After they attend a wedding, Sean and Scarlett go on a hunt to find Scarlett’s mother who was crazy about the movies and ran off when Scarlett was a baby.

The book is enjoyable until this point, but it’s wearing thin.  It’s a little too long for my tastes.  But, I’m not a rom com book reader.  However; if you are, I would totally recommend this book.

For those who are keeping track, this means I still have 95 books to go.  Tomorrow, I will post the updated list, as well as a status for each book.

Happy Reading!


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