The Biograph Girl

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Just when I think that nothing can calm my ADHD, I picked up Michael Mann’s historic novel “The Biograph Girl” and the story very slowly and very cleverly reaches out and snags my attention.
Florence Lawrence was the world’s first movie star. Anyone who is a fan if silent movies has heard her name. Back in the day, movie stars didn’t have their names in lights. The fledgling studios didn’t want the public knowing the actors’ names. That would be bad because then these players might demand a cut of the action. They could demand a decent salary. But, Flo was the first. Without her, there would be no Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts or George Clooney.

Once Flo changed all that the world was her oyster, until it wasn’t. She took her own life on December 28, 1938.

Or, did she?

Part mystery, part family drama, part homage to the world of entertainment and all enchanting, The Biograph Girl is a must read novel.


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