Five Days Left

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Disclaimer: I have to say that I was given by Penguin a galley proof of Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer on August 6th. Penguin would like me to post a review on their site, but it is not required and they have not asked me to review this book on my site. I have chosen to do this of my own free will and they have not compensated me in anyway.

Five Days Left will not be released to the public until September 9, 2014. I seriously suggest that you pre-order it from your favorite bookstore. Seriously.

Without being halfway done with the book, I started writing this review. I wanted other people to feel what I felt while reading the book – the ups, the downs, the anger and tears.

Julie Lawson Timmer (whom I’ve never met, but who has a beautiful first name) knows how to grip you – just by the premise. In five days, Mara – a young mother living with Huntington’s Disease – will kill herself, leaving her young daughter motherless and her wonderful husband wifeless. In five days, Scott – a teacher with a baby on the way – has to give up his foster son, whom he’s raised for the last year. How’s that for a premise? When I read it, I knew I had to read the whole book.

Your heart will ache for Scott. He loves Curtis, his foster son, as much – if not more – than he loves his unborn child or his wife. Having to turn Curtis over to a just freed from jail mother is breaking his heart. His best friend, Pete, doesn’t understand his pain. And, his wife, who wasn’t big on the foster idea in the first place, cannot understand how losing Curtis takes precedence over the new baby.

Mara is a take charge woman who is being beaten by a disease for which there is no cure – I’m not even sure I can describe her and do her justice. She’s a lawyer, her husband is a doctor and they have an adopted daughter. Life would have been perfect, if Huntington’s hadn’t knocked on her door and decide to stay. We find out – via flashbacks – about her symptoms and how she was diagnosed. Now, more than a year after her diagnosis and months after losing her partnership at a law fire, Mara sees the handwriting on the wall. She is done and it is time to go.

The way Timmer intertwines Mara and Scott’s stories is wonderful. Their stories will grip you and not let you take a breath. Do not miss this wonderful, amazing read.

And, on another note, for those keeping track – this is book 7 of my reading challenge and I have 93 more to go. Not too difficult, that’s one book every three days before next June 23rd.

Happy Reading!


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