The Haters on Immigration

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So, I’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy because my grandson, Danny, is reading the books and I want something to discuss with him.  But, while the books are well written and interesting, I have to say that I hate them.  I hate the idea that a world like that could exist.  I want the happy ending, not the rule by force that comes in the Hunger Games.  (For the record, I’m only at the beginning of book two.)

Anyway, it led me to thinking that our country is headed for something like this, but the control won’t come and isn’t coming from the government – it’s coming from the business owners.  Not the mom and pop down the street, I’m referring to the Koch brothers and others like them.  It’s funny how people blame the government for everything that is wrong in their lives and don’t realize that much of the sorrow of the country comes from the so-called job creators.

And, because I have ADHD and can’t stay on topic for long, that led me to thinking about immigration.  Our country was built by immigrants.  We have a long line of people who came from far off lands dreaming of the beacon of light that is the United States of America.  From the Brits (from whom I am descended) to the Krauts (also in my bloodline) to the Jews (Ditto) and to the Micks (yes, them too – I’m just a genetic mutt), we have had boatloads of people who want to fulfill the American dream arrive on our shores.

Now, these people are coming from the south of us and we have the nerve to be angry?  We have a problem with someone who doesn’t look like us wanting to be one of us?  How can that be?

These people are fleeing poverty.  They want their children to live better lives.  They want their families to be safe.  Isn’t that what we all want?  How can we deny them that?

They come here through awful conditions and they take the jobs none of us want anyway and they make their lives (and ours) better.  They pick our fruit, mow our lawns and work hard.  They even – yes, they do – pay taxes.  And, their children become (for the most part) upstanding members of our society.  And, the melting pot becomes a little larger with another culture, language and customs.  How is that not a good thing?

If we don’t want Mexicans, Columbians, etc. from crossing our borders, then we need to act in ways with the world that will help their countries become better places.  No one wants to live in a world where the choices for the daughters are whore or die and the choices for their sons is drug dealer or die.  While we have fought a multibillion dollar war against drugs, the children of our southern neighbors have suffered.  But, that’s  an issue for another article.

In the meantime, let’s show a little love.  Let’s stop being the ignorant assholes the rest of the world thinks we are. Let’s start being the Americans who live in the beacon of light of freedom and stop whining like babies.


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