The Wife, The Maid and the Mistress

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I just finished reading “The Wife, The Maid and the Mistress” by Arial Lawhon.  This is a really good book.  I finished it in just a couple of days.  I took it everywhere with me, not relying on my kindle books to see my through and leaving it at home, like I do most books.
The book jumps into the true story of Judge Crater, who was seen getting into a cab in August, 1930 and was never seen again.   Lawhon’s version is fictionalized – a version that could have happened, not necessarily what did happen.  She winds her way between the goings on in 1930 – 31 New York and 1969 New York in such a way that you feel like it is all happening now.
I both couldn’t wait to see how Lawhon tied it all together and wanted to slow down to savor every word, paragraph and page.
If you read just one book in the next month, make it this one.  You won’t regret it.
Happy Reading!


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