Wisconsin AB177 AKA Shaming the Poor Bill

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While we were rooting for the Blackhawks, our WI state legislature was passing the absolute most despicable, unChristian, unAmerican, horrific law. 2015 Asssembly Bill 177 that limits “the foods that may be purchased under FoodShare…”  On top of this, people with benefits (which are paid out of our Federal tax dollars) will have to swipe their “benefit card before scanning any items that the recipient is purchasing.”

Really?  So everyone in line can know whether or not something they’re purchasing is allowed? 

But, it doesn’t end there…

“Under the bill, DHS is required to reimburse retailers and warehouse suppliers in this state for their initial implementation costs associated with the new requirements.”

This means the costs retailers incur to purchase new software that allows the pre-swiping of the cards will come out of our state tax dollars.  This is an unnecessary expense our cash strapped state doesn’t need to incur.

For a party that claims they want smaller government, they sure are set on spending tax dollars to limit the ability of people to make their own choices.

This is the most unbelievable act of shaming the poor possible.  We have now gone from being a great state to being a state full of selfish, inconsiderate, unChristian and contemptible people possible.  We can no longer hold our heads high when we say we’re from Wisconsin.  We need to hang our heads with shame.  Jesus say what you do for the least of you, you do for me.  Well, we have just shamed the least of us – may God have mercy on your souls.

Jeanne Robertson Coming to Milwaukee

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Jeanne Robertson – one of the funniest speakers around – is coming to the Pabst Theatre on October 17. You do not want to miss your chance to see this very funny lady. Tickets go on sale next Friday, but if you follow her on Facebook, she’s going to post the code to getting them early.
Watch the below clip of her to see how funny she is and then grab your pashima and go to her show!
Jeanne Robertson “Don’t send a man to the grocery…: http://youtu.be/-YFRUSTiFUs


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Nice song found on YouTube. Here’s what it said in the About Section:

This song began in a songwriting residency with 5th Grade students of American History in Campbellsport, WI. I really liked the chorus, and reworked the verses over time… finishing it with inspiration from my fellow Wisconsinites during the 2011 protests against our Governor and the influence of money in our State politics. I will always be proud of the peaceful, passionate and sustained protest of my fellow citizens in that time. It’s the finest example of American patriotism one could hope to witness.

The song is by Ken Lonnquist, who wrote yesterday’s song post.

Less Government…

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A song by Ken Lonnquist, which explains what’s happening in Madison, WI. Anytime someone is arrested for protesting or even just watching protestors; all our freedoms are threatened.

You can carry a gun into the Wisconsin state capital, but you’ll probably be arrested if you carry a guitar.

Religious Liberty

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According to Paul Ryan – Congressman from Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and Mitt Romney’s running mate; “The Contraceptive Mandate is an affront to religious liberty.”

Apparently, Congressman Ryan doesn’t understand how religious liberty works in this Country. Your religious liberty ends where my religious liberty begins. If you don’t want to use birth control, then don’t use it. That’s your choice and your right. However; don’t stand in my way waving your religious freedom flag and denying me my right to make a healthcare choice.

Now, I can hear some people arguing that you can make your choice, as long as I don’t have to pay for it. This mandate does make birth  contraceptive a part of the insurance plan, so in a way, we’re all paying for it.  But, let me cut you off at the pass. I don’t want to pay for war and amazingly, with my taxes, I do. War is an affront to MY religious liberty, but I don’t hear anyone on the right trying to stop war. I don’t want to pay more in taxes so that a rich person can have a tax break. I don’t want to pay for oil subsidies and, yet, I do. I didn’t want to pay for TARP and, yet, I am. So, don’t give me this shit that “The contraceptive mandate is an affront to religious liberty.”

Because it isn’t.
Allowing anyone to deny a woman the right to birth control – that’s an affront to humanity.  That’s one step back for women’s rights and that, my friend, is unacceptable.

Walker’s tribute to State Employees Video

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Really, I’m not kidding.  Here it is.  I don’t know if it is sad how he doesn’t realize what an ass he’s making of himself or scary that he doesn’t realize what an ass he is making of himself.  Can’t wait until we RECALL him.

Man Shoots TV Because of Bristol Palin!

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I should file this under “Only in Wisconsin”, but I won’t.  Read the whole story here.   The short version is that a Wisconsin man shot out his TV because Bristol Palin is still on “Dancing With the Stars”.  Apparently, he thinks she’s awful.  Can’t say I totally blame him.  From what I hear, she’s sucked this whole time, but she is popular enough with the viewers to still be voted back week after week.  She is in the top 3.  I’ve read items that blame this on a conspriracy, but I don’t think it is.  I think it is just like that singer who sucked, but made it pretty long on “American Idol”.  A bunch of people decide that they all will vote for her and all other votes are spread among the rest of the contestants.  I can see a bunch of Sarah Palin supporters getting together and voting for her.  And, if she was losing or lost, we’d be hearing about the conspiracy against her.

Bristol, according to a USA Today article would very much disagree with this idea.  She believes, and I’m quoting, “I think lots of people see themselves in me because I’m pretty untouched when it comes to celebrity status”.   We all know how I feel about her being on the show in the first place.  I posted it here.

This video is what I believe happened once the man was at the Police Station.  One comment, I don’t understand how a man with a bipolar disorder and a history of violence could possibly still be legally able to own a shot gun, but – God forbid – we take away a mentally unstable man’s right to own a deadly weapon.  I do hope and pray that this incident allows him to get the help he needs.

Still, doesn’t stop me from finding the humor in the situation.  I can’t wait until Xtranormal characters can have emotions in their voices.  I think the humor loses something because they can’t.

I hope you enjoy it!