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NYTimes: Congressman Robert Pittenger Tells BBC: Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

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According to a New York Times article, Congressman Robert Pittenger said what he really felt, but didn’t have the courage to stick by it. His heat of the moment apology is him backpedaling because at his heart, he’s a racist and he didn’t want anyone to know it. I have met a lot of racists and they all feel this way. That blacks owe whites for what they have. That blacks should just be grateful for their lot in life. That blacks aren’t as good as whites. That blacks can’t compete. That blacks have every advantage and they just wallow in their despair. 

Now, they are some racists who have black friends. The kicker is those black friends are just like them (minus the racist part). They live the same kind of life and the racist is able to point to their black friends and say, “I’m not racist. See, I have black friends.” 

So, when Congressman Robert Pittenger says that blacks hate white people, he’s just saying what he truly believes. When he says he’s sorry, well, his racist base knows he has to say that to make the damn liberal media happy. 

It’s time those of us who are not racist take a stand. We cannot tolerate this anymore.

Commuting with Julie – Race in America

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Sad to say, but racism still exists in American.  It would be great if it didn’t, but it does.  We need to work to eliminate it.  Also, if you don’t think it’s a big deal – you might be part of the problem.

GOP and Marriage Equality

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The Supreme Court put an end to the marriage equality question and legalized it in all fifty states. In reply, the GOP Candidates for President collectively lost their heads. Scott Walker is calling for a Constitutional Amendment as well as saying the Supreme Court really didn’t have the power to do this. (Don’t any of these guys actually read the Constitution?) Bobby Jindal is calling to abolish the Court, while Mike Huckabee is calling for a revolution.

This is why I still can’t vote Republican. They are not the party of ideas. They are not the party of progress. They are the party of pandering. 60% of Republicans are against marriage equality, while 60% of the nation is for it. When that many people are against, what else can they say?

The sad part of this is that one of the far right, no new ideas candidates will become the GOP’S candidate for President. Any Democrat will look like a far left socialist in comparison. The GOP is the party of my youth. I loved Nixon and, had I been old enough, I would have supported Reagan. I admire Eisenhower and, next to Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite President. But, men like them can never lead the Republicans again. They were men of strong convictions and intellect.  They valued learning. Now, we have Scott Walker who couldn’t make it through college and doesn’t understand how the Supreme Court has the right to knock down unconstitutional laws. This is who the GOP wants running the country?

The GOP’S tired Gays, Guns, and God bit has to go. Not just in Presidential Candidates, but throughout all their politicians. The way Congress has spent the last six years fighting President Obama on every issue is insane. Their policy of repeating the same tired vote to eliminate the ACA is insane. Their calls for even lower taxes of the wealthy and corporations is insane. They refer to Social Security as an entitlement like it’s a bad thing. Jeb Bush blames single moms for welfare and pretty much the GOP follows along, totally ignorant to the fact that welfare doesn’t work that way anymore and hasn’t in almost twenty years. Walker, that bastion of no intellect is gutting the education of the state of Wisconsin.

Should I go on?

What I don’t understand is how any reasonable, intelligent adult could support the Republicans. How could you look at the problems of today and still support this group of men from the past?

The thought of it is insane.

Holder is Wrong

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I’m going to make this quick. When Eric Holder said that state Attorney Generals can choose to not defend anti-gay laws, he was wrong. Absolutely wrong.

State Attorneys aren’t paid to decide which laws to uphold and which ones to not defend. It’s wrong to think they shouldn’t defend a law.

Apparently,  J.B. Van Hollen, the state attorney for WI – a Republican and a jackass – didn’t appreciate Holder’s comment. He said it isn’t Holder’s job to give advice. This from the hypocrite who only defends laws when he feels like it. Look it up – he refused to defend a Wisconsin law with which he disagreed at least once.

AZ Ban On Gays

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AZ Governor Jan Brewer says she’ll do the right thing for her state, when asked about the passed bill allowing discrimination against gay people based on religious beliefs. That probably means she’ll sign it into law. Probably not the smartest move, but think about it – if people who support gays and gay people don’t go to AZ because of the ban, won’t that hurt their tourist industry? You would think those people would be speaking up.

You have to admit that the law is well written. You have to have a strong religious belief. That means the law can’t be used in the reverse. Who has a strong religious belief against straight people?

My final thought on the matter is this: why gays? I don’t like drug use – can I discriminate against someone who takes drugs? And, how will the owners know the difference between two lesbians with their children and two sisters with theirs?  There have been times when Cheryl and I have travelled with the boys that people have thought we were sisters. Or, since the boys are older, just two Grandmas out for the day. How are they going to know? Gay people don’t generally travel in packs with “I’m Gay” signs all over their bodies.

The legislature in Arizona is just pandering to the haters of their constituency. And, thankfully, that’s a dying breed.

Transgender and Barney’s of New York

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I’m reading my Vanity Fair on my Kindle and there is an ad from Barney’s of New York that celebrates transgender people and those who support them.  I applaud Barney’s for supporting such a marginalized group of people.

Not many people understand transgender people, nor do they want to hang around them.  I have to say I’m in the former group and I don’t know anyone who is transgender with whom I could hang.  I know, strange to say that I don’t understand transgender people when I am a very out lesbian, but it’s the truth.  Am I supposed to lie?

Quite a few years ago – back when I had a semi-nice figure – I performed in a Drag Show.  I was put in a room with a man whom I assumed was gay.  He was in drag, so I probably shouldn’t have made the assumption, but I did.  Anyway, he helped me change during the show and I helped him and everything was fine until he mentioned that he was pre-op transgender and he was changing his sex to be a lesbian.  Well, he or I guess it’s been long enough, she probably never realized how freaked out by this that I was.  I was much younger then and not as secure in my skin as I am now.  Luckily, good manners won out over freaking out and we made it through the whole show.

But, I wish I had asked her why.  Why would you want to switch from male to female?  I was young, single and made very poor relationship choices – come to think of it, so did my straight, female friends – but, being a man and becoming a woman?  Why?  Men have it all.

I remember being a young girl and being told by some man at the Waukegan Park District that no, I couldn’t play baseball with the boys because I was a girl.  And, yes, they did follow the federal law because I could play softball with the other girls.  But, I didn’t want to play softball – softball is not the same as baseball, similar, but not the same.  I remember going round and round with this unnamed, grown up man and ultimately lost, because my mother didn’t support it.

To me, boys and, therefore, men had it easier.

So, why would someone who had it easy in life want to change?

I don’t know.

And, you know what – it isn’t for me to say.  Now, I wished I had asked the questions, to help me understand.  And, if I ran into her again, I would ask.  Still, it isn’t my business and it isn’t my place to judge.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

I don’t get it.  I don’t understand it.  And, I don’t have to do so.  What I do have to do is support, love thy neighbor, mind my own damn business and all will be right with the world.

That’s what any of us have to do.  For anything.

So, you go Barney’s of New York and you go people who agreed to out themselves as transgender and you especially go loving people who support them!  Good for you!  It gives me hope that there’s still some humanity left in the world.


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Today is National Coming Out Day. I don’t celebrate it. I mean, who else is left for me to tell I’m a lesbian? My entire family knows, as do my friends, and my employer knew from day one – when I put a picture of Cheryl on my desk. Personally, I think this day should be National Stay Home Day. I think missing the 36 million gay Americans at work and school would make a larger impact, as we are everywhere.

Anyway, because of my feelings, I’ve decided to write about the $4,800.00 that will no longer be in my pocket once I cover Cheryl’s health insurance via my company’s domestic partnership policy. This is not money that pays for the insurance itself – this is the taxes taken straight from my paycheck because Cheryl and I cannot legally marry in our state and even if we could, the Federal Government won’t recognize it.

$4,800.00 may not sound like a lot of money, but think about the things we won’t be able to do with that money. $4,800.00 works out to $400 a month. That’s a car payment. $400 a month is ten tanks of gas. It’s ten visits to restaurants in Racine. It’s books and toys for our grandchildren. One month’s amount is a new smart phone.

Taxing my insurance coverage for Cheryl,  while not taxing a straight, married co-worker’s insurance coverage for their spouse isn’t right. It’s unfair taxation.

$4,800.00 a year will raise the total federal taxes on my income to over $12,000 a year. This is well above Mitt Romney’s tax rate of 14%.

I wonder how the people in charge can sleep at night by overtaxing American citizens. I know people who claim that I shouldn’t be a one issue voter, but they don’t get it. This isn’t just about receiving a legal document – this is about taking money out of my pocket unfairly and unjustly.

Governor Walker’s Protest Problem

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Governor Walker appointed David Erwin the Capitol Police Chief. And, now, this veteran of both our armed services and the state patrol has set out to rid our Capitol of people who exercise their First Amendment Right to hold a peaceful protest. Agree with the protestors or don’t agree; it doesn’t matter – Chief Erwin and his force are making a mockery of both our government and the men and women officers who know the difference between a peaceful protester and a terrorist.
Both the  Madison Professional Police Officers Association and the Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association have condemned his actions. Apparently, much like our Governor, Erwin doesn’t care. Arrogant people like our Governor and Erwin don’t have the ability to process any idea that is contrary to their own. To Erwin, disagreeing and protesting against your government equates a terrorist attack. I’m guessing that “the right of the of the people peaceably to assemble” that our First Amendment guarantees wasn’t taught in his history class. Maybe he missed that day.

This probably makes the Capitol quieter, so the Republican Legislators can get back to screwing over the Wisconsin people without having to answer to any of them.
If you’re heading to the Capitol, keep this in mind – Carry a concealed weapon, you’ll be fine. Speak your mind, go directly to jail, don’t pass go and don’t collect $200.