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Governor Walker’s Protest Problem

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Governor Walker appointed David Erwin the Capitol Police Chief. And, now, this veteran of both our armed services and the state patrol has set out to rid our Capitol of people who exercise their First Amendment Right to hold a peaceful protest. Agree with the protestors or don’t agree; it doesn’t matter – Chief Erwin and his force are making a mockery of both our government and the men and women officers who know the difference between a peaceful protester and a terrorist.
Both the  Madison Professional Police Officers Association and the Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association have condemned his actions. Apparently, much like our Governor, Erwin doesn’t care. Arrogant people like our Governor and Erwin don’t have the ability to process any idea that is contrary to their own. To Erwin, disagreeing and protesting against your government equates a terrorist attack. I’m guessing that “the right of the of the people peaceably to assemble” that our First Amendment guarantees wasn’t taught in his history class. Maybe he missed that day.

This probably makes the Capitol quieter, so the Republican Legislators can get back to screwing over the Wisconsin people without having to answer to any of them.
If you’re heading to the Capitol, keep this in mind – Carry a concealed weapon, you’ll be fine. Speak your mind, go directly to jail, don’t pass go and don’t collect $200.

Chick fil-a & Rights

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the chicken company’s anti-gay marriage stance. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably been bombarded with images either in support of or against Chick-fil-a and its President, Don Cathy.
Here’s the thing those supporting the chicken company won’t tell you: this isn’t about Mr. Cathy speaking his mind. This is about Mr. Cathy and his company giving more than $3 million to anti-gay hate groups.  This isn’t new, no matter how much the supporters of the chicken company wants you to believe.
And, this isn’t gays picking on poor Mr. Cathy because he spoke his mind. We’re all for free speech. Mr. Cathy wants to hate gays – fine, let him. If he wants to give money to hate groups I have no problem with that, either. However; when he gives that money out of his company’s coffers, he is taking the money his customers gave him for their purchases. I don’t want money that I worked hard to earn going to support groups that want to outlaw my way of life. When there are other companies out there that make chicken better than Chick-fil-a, why would I spend my money there?
Now, I try hard not to shop or support companies and businesses that disagree with my beliefs.  I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. I try to shop locally and stay away from National chains as much as possible. I try to purchase American made products. I try to purchase green products. Do I always succeed? No, I don’t. I don’t think anyone can, unless they’re completely self-supporting, grow their own food and make their own clothes.
If you want to make your own decision and keep eating from the chicken company – go right ahead. No one is stopping you.
But, don’t believe for one second that Chick-fil-a is some sort of victim in all of this, because they’re not. The gays didn’t come out and attack them first.
And, one more thing : I should admit that I’ve only eaten there once in my life. I honestly thought it sucked, so this is one boycott I’m happy to support – I had no intention of eating there ever again.

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Have you been paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street protests?  How can we stand by and allow our fellow citizens who are protesting – as is their First Amendment Right to Assembly – be arrested, pepper sprayed and abused?

What happened to Freedom of Speech?  What happened to the right of Assembly?

I guess we can go to war to force democracy on other countries, but we can’t allow it to work here.

Hank Williams, Jr’s Misguided Remarks

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When I first read the headline “Hank Williams, Jr Compares Obama to Hitler”, I rolled my eyes and got a little mad that I wouldn’t be able to listen to his music again. I admit, it was a knee jerk reaction.
Then, I read his actual comment and realized that ESPN is not only wrong to pull his song from Monday Night Football, they’re wrong in their intepertation.

“Come on. That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Not hardly.”

That’s what he said.

Not only did he NOT call Obama Hitler – he wasn’t even making a statement on Obama’s policy. He was discussing President Obama playing golf with John Boehner and against Vice President Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich. He merely meant that political opposites aren’t going to bond over golf.

Do I agree with him? Yeah, I think I do.

Do I think he could’ve chosen better words? Yep.

Do I think he should apoligize? Nope.  Let’s cut the crap and stop backtracking all over our First Amendment rights.

ESPN needs to reinstate the song. But, they probably won’t. No one seems to have any balls anymore.

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Protect IP or Government Shutdown of “Unapproved” Websites?

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Do you like the First Amendment?  Do you like to read whatever blog you want?  How would you feel if the government decided that the content of that blog just might have a copyright infringement?  The “government” wants to control what you do and do not see on the Internet.  Watch the video.

Can the Government Shutdown Facebook?

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If it passes this legislation, it can.  The best part of the whole video is when an Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)  says, “Facebook has tons of infringing material that people have uplifted.”  Uplifted? Now, Rep. Logren is against the whole idea of the government seizing IP addresses.  If you don’t know, when you type in a website name (domain name), the name is compared to a name in a domain name server, which converts it to an IP, and that’s how your computer knows what website you want.