Show if Hands Poll – Money giving

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The Show of Hands question was: Have you ever given cash to a person on the street with a cardboard sign?

Here’s what didn’t surprise me; more Democrats and Independents said yes than Republicans. Most Republicans do their charitable giving inside church walls or at church run/sponsored events.

Here’s something that did surprise me: More men answered yes than women. 52% if the men vs 50% of the women.

And, here’s something else surprising; the higher the respondent’s income, the more likely they answered yes. Only half of the under $50,000 earners said yes, while 54% of the over $100,000 earners said yes.

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Employers and Colleges Demand Facebook Access

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Bob Sullivan posted an article on MSNBC on how some employers and colleges are demanding access to potential employees and athletic students Facebook pages.  Because I’m writing this on my phone,  I am unable to copy the link and post it here.

The idea that a potential employer would demand access to my Facebook page is appalling.  Sure, we all talk about work, but for the most part, most of us keep home and work totally separate. So, foe an employer or a potential employer to demand access is just ridiculous.  Why would I hand over a list if all my friends to an employer? Why would I hand over transcripts of conversations to my employer? Considering that I use Facebook as my own political sounding board, turning over access would equate turning over a list of my political beliefs. Since employers can’t ask about religious or political beliefs in an interview, why should a prospective employee answer the question by giving access to their Facebook page?

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Am I Alone?

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I pass on a lot of articles, facts and funny pictures all related to the upcoming Presidential election. A few if my friends have mentioned that they’ve turned off my feeds because they find it overwhelming. I get it. One friend turned me off because she didn’t want to see what I posted, because it differed greatly from her own views. The facts I post were getting in the way of her conservative belief system.

I realize not everyone gets how important this next election is. I get that some people have their beliefs so ingrained that you can’t shake them with facts and figures. But, I never stop trying and I’m beginning to feel alone in my hardwork.

Am I?

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To Cut Taxes or To NOT Cut Taxes

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I happen to be against continuing the payroll tax cut. I don’t think it is wise to extend it for another year. I’ve said that I didn’t like the idea of it.

That said, I saw an article that stated along with the tax cut, there would be a tax raise on those making more than a million dollars. This raise would be used to offset the financial effects of the tax cut.  If there is going to be a way to make up the money Social Security loses, I would be willing to rethink my opposition to the payroll tax cut.

Since then, I’ve heard that the raise is now off the table.  Now, I’m back to my original opposition.

This makes me one of what the right calls the elite. See, I can think for myself and weigh all of the options.  The right doesn’t like people who can think for themselves.

They, also, don’t like the Americ


Worker. The GOO is against this tax cut.

Is that a fact?

Yes, it is.

Tax cuts / breaks for those earning more than $250,000 per year. You beach! Those people work hard for their money.

Tax cuts for the little guys. Not on you


life – the American worker is nothing more than a lazy bum looking for a handout.

Make sure you remember how the GOO is too busy making nice with the CEOs, who are jacking up their stock profits, while running away with their double digit raises, to care about what happens to the American worker.

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The Country has gone Crazy!

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I just saw a headline that Mississippi (or was it Missouri? In either case – a place where dumb people live) is voting on an amendment declaring a fertilized egg as a person. A PERSON! Does anyone else realize how STUPID that is? It is insane.

And, it doesn’t stop there…

The morons in the Wisconsin State Legislature have voted that you can carry a concealed weapon into the chamber. Well, that’ll never com back to bite them in the ass! :-P

And, finally, if you purchased Groupon stock today in their IPO, then you’re a moron. $28.00 per share for a company that had over a $200 million loss? Based on this stock price the company is “worth” $12.8 BILLION. Heads up, jackasses, it ain’t worth shit until it turns a profit.

Whew! I feel much better now.

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Perry, Hitler and Issues

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There it was on Facebook, a picture of Rick Perry standing at a podium in a Heil Hitler stance. I knew it was coming. He’s a right wing guy and eventually, he’s going to stand a certain way that makes him look like he’s doing the Heil Hitler salute, someone will snap the shot and the far left will jump all over it. Thank God he doesn’t have a mustache.

I’m not passing on the picture; my headline is incenerating enough. And, if you come across it on Facebook or anywhere else, please don’t pass it on, either.

Let’s stop all this nonsense and start discussing facts about what’s going on in this nation. Let’s drop the Hitler references and the socialist/Muslim references and let’s discuss what needs to be done to fix our economic problems. The economy and how to fix it should be our only discussion.

Could we try for a little while to stop slinging mud?

Let’s try to have something we haven’t had in this country in a long while: an adult conversation.

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