That Which Leads to Hell

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This morning, I read a post on Pastor Tim Burt’s blog regarding standing firm against accepting homosexuality. First, he misquoted the Bible (I’ll be quite frank, the NLT Bible is one of the worse translations) and he included a sign about bullying. I commented on the blog and he responded, which I thought was nice. I had considered replying back, but then I thought what would God want me to do?

The answer came to me in a verse:

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

Matthew 10:14 (KJV)

It occurred to me that I should let it go and instead write something positive.

There’s a lot of people out there who feel as Pastor Burt does, that homosexuals are sinners and they have to give up their evil ways to find a place at God’s table. But, that isn’t true.

Sure homosexuals commit sins, but being a homosexual isn’t a sin in and of itself. Everyone sins. In that sense, we are all sinners. And, sin is sin. Somewhere along the way to Heaven, the self-righteous have decided that homosexuality is the worse sin and the sin of all sins.

The worse thing about this whole thing is how much they believe it. Then, they indoctrinate their children into believing it and the myth grows until some poor child of God takes his own life out of despair because he’s gay.

That stops today.

Let’s do as Jesus taught and refuse to listen to the self-righteous. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to engage them, but once you realize there is no hope for them – walk away and shake the dust off your feet.

Further, spread the word. I admit sometimes I feel a little corny telling someone God Bless, but we have to show our faith. I may give my alms in private, as Jesus taught, but stand up – no, sign up to be one of His disciples and proclaim the good news to your gay brothers and sisters. Reach out to them and remind them that God loves all His children. No more of this political correctness crap – be the Christian God wants you to be.

God Bless

Hello God

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I was searching the videos on YouTube to find Dolly Parton singing “He’s Alive”.  I love that song.  I found one from Dolly’s appearance on some show in 1989.  And, then, I looked to the right and saw the listing for the video below.  It is Dolly’s “Hello God”.  I’ve never heard the song before.  I went right out to Amazon to purchase my own copy of this song.  Dolly Parton is an amazing songwriter, but this song is even more amazing than I think any of her other songs.  To me, it sounds – right from the beginning verse – like something anyone of us could have written.

Hello, God, are you out there?
Can you hear me?
Are you listenin’ any more?
Hello, God, if we’re still on speakin’ terms,
Can you help me like before?

We’ve all had that really bad day or time in our life when it feels as though God is no where to be found.  From the footsteps poem, we know that those are the times when He carries us, but it doesn’t feel that way, does it?

Then, Dolly does something marvelous in the song.  She makes it about all of us – you, me, her – and every single word is so true.

This old world has gone to pieces.
Can we fix it? Is there time?
Hate and violence just increases.
We’re so selfish, cruel and blind.
We fight and kill each other,
in your name; defending you.
Do you love some more than others?
We’re so lost and confused.

And, we’re reminded of how we haven’t follow God; how we’ve turned our backs on Him and each other.

Anyway, you don’t need a lecture on good works and the problems in the world from little old me.  The song just touched a part of me that, sometimes, I forget about or hide from.  The part that hasn’t given up on my brothers and sisters in Christ.  The part that is probably least likely to be seen by anyone – with the possible exception of my closet family.

So, with all of God’s Blessings I can offer up to you, I’ve placed this video here.  I hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

Angry Lesbian – Mosque In Tennesse

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Shortly after I created and posted my Angry Lesbian – Mosque at Ground Zero, I started receiving text messages about a Mosque being built in Tennesse.  Apparently, religious bigotry is not limited to the Northeast.

I made this very short and to the point video as a response.


Angry Lesbian – Mosque at Ground Zero

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There are pages on facebook calling for the Mosque to not be built.  Sarah Palin, among others, are protesting against it.  To ban a Mosque is to spit on our Constitution.  This is exactly the reason why our founding fathers put Religious freedom first.

God Bless America.

The video is below.


American Family Association is Against Freedom of Religion

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Brian Fischer from the American Family Association has posted on his blog a call to deny building permits for Mosques anywhere in the United States.  He has posted some nearly twenty year old document claiming that this proves that Muslims want us all dead.

Well, I’m sure you know how I feel about that.

WARNING: This video has adult language in it and SHOULD NOT be viewed by the kiddies!

National Organization for Marriage – NOM

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This video is about the National Organization for Marriage month long tour to save your marriage from the gay menace.  I have taken some quotes from the actual National Organization for Marriage website and blog.  Also, I owe a big thanks to Bil Browning over at The Bilerico Project.  I took the liberty of lifting some of the facts he had in his report about the protests in Indiana.  I hope you don’t mind, Bil.

In case you’re wondering where I obtained the names of the two people in my video – they are listed as the owners of the NOM website and blog.  I found the information on GoDaddy and WhoIs.