Students Speak Out

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Here’s a video you should watch – especially if you’re for cutting the budget to Planned Parenthood.  And, if you are, you obviously have no idea about the realities of either what Planned Parenthood does, nor about the realities of what would happen if suddenly every woman or man who uses Planned Parenthood found herself or his partner pregnant.  It would not be a pretty sight.  Can you imagine all of those unwanted babies running around?  Can you imagine what we would lose as a society when the parents of the unwanted babies had to drop out of school?

Our teen pregnancy rates have declined by 20% over the last twenty years.  Even with the decline to 39.1% in 2009, we have the second highest teen pregnancy rate of all industrialized nations.  Cutting Planned Parenthood’s budget will most likely guarantee us first place.



Little Boy Meets Gay Couple

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This little boy, Calen, meets a gay couple for the very first time.  His reaction is priceless and brought tears to my eyes.  “It means you guys love each other.”

Too bad the adults in this world don’t have the love and acceptance that this little guy has.

Spoiled Christmas Brat…

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A co-worker sent me the link to this video.  I think this holiday season we should all be grateful for two things:

  1. This ungrateful, spoiled kid is not our ungrateful, spoiled kid.
  2. We’re not his parents.  Watch the video, you’ll understand.  They laugh at his antics, which just encourages him.  Really?  Encourage your kid to not like books?

Merry Christmas!