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Nice song found on YouTube. Here’s what it said in the About Section:

This song began in a songwriting residency with 5th Grade students of American History in Campbellsport, WI. I really liked the chorus, and reworked the verses over time… finishing it with inspiration from my fellow Wisconsinites during the 2011 protests against our Governor and the influence of money in our State politics. I will always be proud of the peaceful, passionate and sustained protest of my fellow citizens in that time. It’s the finest example of American patriotism one could hope to witness.

The song is by Ken Lonnquist, who wrote yesterday’s song post.


Less Government…

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A song by Ken Lonnquist, which explains what’s happening in Madison, WI. Anytime someone is arrested for protesting or even just watching protestors; all our freedoms are threatened.

You can carry a gun into the Wisconsin state capital, but you’ll probably be arrested if you carry a guitar.


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Today is National Coming Out Day. I don’t celebrate it. I mean, who else is left for me to tell I’m a lesbian? My entire family knows, as do my friends, and my employer knew from day one – when I put a picture of Cheryl on my desk. Personally, I think this day should be National Stay Home Day. I think missing the 36 million gay Americans at work and school would make a larger impact, as we are everywhere.

Anyway, because of my feelings, I’ve decided to write about the $4,800.00 that will no longer be in my pocket once I cover Cheryl’s health insurance via my company’s domestic partnership policy. This is not money that pays for the insurance itself – this is the taxes taken straight from my paycheck because Cheryl and I cannot legally marry in our state and even if we could, the Federal Government won’t recognize it.

$4,800.00 may not sound like a lot of money, but think about the things we won’t be able to do with that money. $4,800.00 works out to $400 a month. That’s a car payment. $400 a month is ten tanks of gas. It’s ten visits to restaurants in Racine. It’s books and toys for our grandchildren. One month’s amount is a new smart phone.

Taxing my insurance coverage for Cheryl,  while not taxing a straight, married co-worker’s insurance coverage for their spouse isn’t right. It’s unfair taxation.

$4,800.00 a year will raise the total federal taxes on my income to over $12,000 a year. This is well above Mitt Romney’s tax rate of 14%.

I wonder how the people in charge can sleep at night by overtaxing American citizens. I know people who claim that I shouldn’t be a one issue voter, but they don’t get it. This isn’t just about receiving a legal document – this is about taking money out of my pocket unfairly and unjustly.

1964 Civil Rights Act

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I’ve been listening to Robert Caro’s book “The Passage to Power”. The book is about Lyndon Johnson as Vice Presidency, as well as when he took over the Presidency after Kennedy’s assassination. When JFK was murdered in Dallas on that long ago November day, the 1964 tax cut bill and the Civil Rights Act were both floundering in Congress. Thanks to Johnson’s political savvy, both were passed.

And, I was thinking about this today, I am in the generation that first benefitted from the Civil Rights Act. I went to school in mixed raced classrooms. I made friends with kids who didn’t look a thing like me. As I’ve grown up, I have made friendships with people across the race spectrum.

It is my humble opinion that these friendships have made me a better human being. I’m blessed to have my life enriched by friends of all races and I’m glad that Lyndon Johnson did what Kennedy couldn’t.

And, as I meet more and more people who are choosing to home school their children, I have to wonder; how will their children be able to cope when faced with people of a different race? How will they deal with someone who is nothing like them?

It makes me a little sad to think that the progress made in our great country to accept those who are different might slide a little farther back.

Still, God bless the memory of LBJ and, of course, God bless America.

Iowa – Gay Marriage

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This is a video where the First Lady of Iowa tells how she came to support gay marriage.  Also, it shows Iowa House Speaker, Pat Murphy, discuss not only gay marriage in Iowa and how the Iowa Supreme Court ruled 7 -0 in support of it, but how Iowa has long been a supporter of Civil rights.  His part comes at the end, so I encourage you to watch to the very end.  I didn’t know that about Iowa.

National Organization for Marriage – NOM

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This video is about the National Organization for Marriage month long tour to save your marriage from the gay menace.  I have taken some quotes from the actual National Organization for Marriage website and blog.  Also, I owe a big thanks to Bil Browning over at The Bilerico Project.  I took the liberty of lifting some of the facts he had in his report about the protests in Indiana.  I hope you don’t mind, Bil.

In case you’re wondering where I obtained the names of the two people in my video – they are listed as the owners of the NOM website and blog.  I found the information on GoDaddy and WhoIs.