Commuting with Julie – Go, Dems, Go!

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The Republicans are calling it a stunt.  They want to go on vacation, but the Democrats are tired of our children dying because the wrong person was able to purchase a weapon.  Most Americans agree with the Democrats, but Speaker Ryan and the rest of the GOP love being able to scare their base with “Obama is coming for your guns” talk.  The gun manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank.  When is enough enough?


Immigration Reform: The Big Left Conspiracy!

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GOP members beware!  The left is conspiring to eliminate you, according to both Ann Coulter and Human Events, a poorly named Conservative website.  According to Ann’s new full of crap book (pretty much just like her last one), immigration reform is the Democrats’ weapon to slaughter the unsuspecting Republicans.  Apparently, this “is an open conspiracy by the Left”, you know, because conspiracies work best if everybody knows about them.

And, it gets worse – like that’s possible with a drip like Ann Coulter – Did you know that – 1964 election aside – “Democrats have not been able to get a majority of white people to vote for them in a presidential election since 1948.”?  Apparently, Ann has a very short memory because in 1996, Clinton captured the white vote.  In Ann’s “specific, gruesome and verifiable detail”, she lays out the plan that by allowing illegal immigrants to become US citizens, they will all vote Democrat and that will eliminate the GOP.

See how that works?

Did you see my eye roll?

Since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have been swinging right – far right.  They’ve turned into government hating, affirmative action banning, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-education, anti-religious freedom (unless you’re straight, white and Christian), anti-healthcare, pro-business party.  There policy seems to be if it moves, ban it.  Who else besides white men are going to vote for that?

If Coulter really wanted to look into something substantial, she should look into why the Republican Party has been losing women voters in every Presidential election since 1992.  According to Gallup, the last time a Republican won the women’s vote was in 1988, when Bush I scored a whopping 52% of women voters.  Considering women make up 51% of the population, I would think the GOP would be worried more about why they’re losing women and less into making up lies about a Leftist conspiracy.

Perhaps, they could find something that would rally votes from all races and sexes?  Maybe, then they wouldn’t have to gerrymander the states to secure their jobs.

Ron Johnson States Why He is Running for Senate…

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In one of Ron Johnson’s ads, he tells us that he is running for Senate because “I kept watching what was going on in Washington. What they are doing to our economy. People losing jobs and their homes. While politicians put us in more debt.”

And, yet, he doesn’t tell us what he plans to do to improve the economy.  We can’t all be handed companies and jobs from in-laws like he has.

I’ve seen blog posts where Johnson claims that he wants to “re-educate America”.  I can’t find anywhere that includes the whole quote and to what he is referring.

He has no plans that will help our country.  What he has planned, such as eliminating the Department of Education, will hurt our country.

In the ad, he states that he makes “a good living”.  I make a good living, but I don’t have a $38 million dollar war chest from which to draw funds to purchase a Senate seat.

I don’t trust Ron Johnson.  I don’t think he will help our economy.  I don’t think he will make things better for working families — he isn’t part of an Average American working family.  We don’t all marry women with rich fathers who can set us up in business.

I hope the residents of Wisconsin come to our collective senses before this man actually becomes the next Junior Senator from Wisconsin.

Filibuster Lunch

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Here is why the Republicans and the Democrats can’t go to lunch.  I had some issues creating this video – Slate doesn’t offer enough enough voices for six separate characters, which is unfortunate.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t take away from the humor.
When they offer more voices, I just might have to do another one like this.  Despite the issues I had, I loved making this video, which makes fun of both of the major political parties.