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A song by Ken Lonnquist, which explains what’s happening in Madison, WI. Anytime someone is arrested for protesting or even just watching protestors; all our freedoms are threatened.

You can carry a gun into the Wisconsin state capital, but you’ll probably be arrested if you carry a guitar.


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Have you been paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street protests?  How can we stand by and allow our fellow citizens who are protesting – as is their First Amendment Right to Assembly – be arrested, pepper sprayed and abused?

What happened to Freedom of Speech?  What happened to the right of Assembly?

I guess we can go to war to force democracy on other countries, but we can’t allow it to work here.

Protect IP or Government Shutdown of “Unapproved” Websites?

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Do you like the First Amendment?  Do you like to read whatever blog you want?  How would you feel if the government decided that the content of that blog just might have a copyright infringement?  The “government” wants to control what you do and do not see on the Internet.  Watch the video.

Can the Government Shutdown Facebook?

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If it passes this legislation, it can.  The best part of the whole video is when an Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)  says, “Facebook has tons of infringing material that people have uplifted.”  Uplifted? Now, Rep. Logren is against the whole idea of the government seizing IP addresses.  If you don’t know, when you type in a website name (domain name), the name is compared to a name in a domain name server, which converts it to an IP, and that’s how your computer knows what website you want.

Angry Lesbian – Mosque In Tennesse

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Shortly after I created and posted my Angry Lesbian – Mosque at Ground Zero, I started receiving text messages about a Mosque being built in Tennesse.  Apparently, religious bigotry is not limited to the Northeast.

I made this very short and to the point video as a response.


Angry Lesbian – Mosque at Ground Zero

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There are pages on facebook calling for the Mosque to not be built.  Sarah Palin, among others, are protesting against it.  To ban a Mosque is to spit on our Constitution.  This is exactly the reason why our founding fathers put Religious freedom first.

God Bless America.

The video is below.


American Family Association is Against Freedom of Religion

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Brian Fischer from the American Family Association has posted on his blog a call to deny building permits for Mosques anywhere in the United States.  He has posted some nearly twenty year old document claiming that this proves that Muslims want us all dead.

Well, I’m sure you know how I feel about that.

WARNING: This video has adult language in it and SHOULD NOT be viewed by the kiddies!

The Disclosure Act

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The vote is tomorrow, July 27th — call your Senator.  It has all ready passed the House.

The Disclosure Act is being voted on in the Senate on July 27th. Call your Senator. This video outlines some of the legislation.The Disclosure Act is being voted on in the Senate on July 27th. Call your Senator. This video outlines some of the legislation.