Simon’s Cat – Hop It

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Just in time for Easter, Somon Tofield has posted a new video of the cat with a bunny.  I’m still not sure what bunnies have to do with Christ dying for our sins, but they are associated in my mind.

Anyway, according to the channel on YouTube, Tofield will be releasing a new Simon’s Cat Official Website in May – so you are definitely going to want to check that out.  Simon, also, has an app in the Apple store.  I hope he brings the app over to Android – there’s more Android users than iPhone users, hint – hint.


Learn to Speak Tea Bag

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Now that they are in charge of Congress and the “take back America” election is over, I think it is fair to say that those of us who can read and understand the US Constitution will need to learn a brand new language.  So, without further delay, here is a video from Mark Fiore that will teach you how to speak Tea Bag.


Filibuster Lunch

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Here is why the Republicans and the Democrats can’t go to lunch.  I had some issues creating this video – Slate doesn’t offer enough enough voices for six separate characters, which is unfortunate.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t take away from the humor.
When they offer more voices, I just might have to do another one like this.  Despite the issues I had, I loved making this video, which makes fun of both of the major political parties.

M’Lady Meets a Puppy

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Since I didn’t have anything for the weekend – and I didn’t want to leave you guys empty handed – I’m posting a video of my cat, M’Lady,  meeting a puppy.

You can see that she’s less than thrilled.

The Truth Behind NOM

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A fantastic, well written and well directed video that parodies the National Organization for Marriage’s Storm Ads.  I found this video when I was uploading my video on NOM’s South Carolina “rally”.