Papa John’s Missed Opportunity

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I know you can’t always trust political messages on Facebook, but this was reported on Fox News a day ago – so it must be true. The CEO of Papa John’s is claiming the cost of healthcare (Obamacare) for the cutting of full-time staff to part time staff.

Papa John’s Pizza makes millions off their product and by some estimates the healthcare costs will amount to $.15 per pizza. $0.15. That doesn’t seem to be a lot of money to me.

The pizza company isn’t alone. A lot of chains are making the same remarks. And, it isn’t right. We should, as a nation, want the people who handle our food to be healthy. I don’t think it is good to have my food handled by someone with a persistent cough who can’t afford to go to the doctor.

I think Papa John’s is missing a real opportunity here. Instead of rallying against healthcare for his employees and looking like a greed infested monster, he should raise the price of his pizzas by $0.15 and make it a marketing campaign. “Look, we want our staff to be healthy and that costs money, so the price of pizza is going up by $0.15. We believe it is a small price to pay for healthy and happy employees.”

Wouldn’t you want to buy a pizza from that guy rather than from the rich guy who hates our President and doesn’t give a rip about his employees? He always looks like such a happy fellow in his commercials – doesn’t he want the same for his employees? I’m sure that he has healthcare.

Quite frankly, I don’t want to buy a pizza from a man who cares more about profits than people. It’s why I buy pizza from local places more often than from a chain. It’s why, even though I love crab meat and it’s crab fest time, I won’t be eating my birthday dinner at Red Lobster. I’ll be at a local, family owned restaurant.

The Supreme Court Gets It Right

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Finally, the Roberts led Court made a decision that will actually be good for this country. Too bad the right wing is too stubborn to agree.

Sadly, many on the right just don’t get it.

They think that this equates to people getting something for nothing. Apparently, they haven’t been told that millions of hardworking American citizens either can’t afford insurance or work where it isn’t offered.  The Affordable Care Act means that they will have access to affordable health insurance. That’s a good thing.

Plus, the law finally does what should’ve been done a very long time ago – it regulates the insurance companies. Now, they have to spend 85% of the premiums on actual health care. This is a good thing.  Let me explain.

I’m a responsible, tax paying American citizen. When I was working as a contractor, I purchased the most expensive health care plan my employer offered.  I paid the full amount of the premium. I thought I had purchased a plan that would cover up to $15,000 of charges.  I ended up in the hospital and the bill came to well over $6,000. My insurance company didn’t pay anything. What they did do was deny the hospital payment for services and lower the cost of others. I was left with a $4,000 bill.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $4,000 just lying around.

With the health care law in full effect, this wouldn’t have happened. And, I wouldn’t be making monthly payments to my local hospital. The insurance company would’ve done what I had been paying them to do.

Another good thing about the health care law is the removal of pre-existing conditions. I have a very mild case of asthma. There was a mix up with my insurance when I switched from one consulting firm to another. This left me without insurance coverage for about two weeks (during which I managed to rack up another $2,000 in Hospital bills.)

Under the old ways, no continuing coverage – no coverage for my asthma. Not now.

Now, my new insurance cannot penalize me for someone else’s mistake.

Which brings me to the Individual Mandate. #1. You don’t want someone to not have coverage, be diagnosed with cancer and then sign up for insurance. That would be the same as not buying car insurance until after you’ve been in an accident. By making everyone have insurance, this scenario practically goes away.
#2. By everyone having insurance, hospitals will be paid for services. If you think people are walking away from medical bills and no one is paying for it, you’re wrong. We all pay when the hospitals raise their rates to make up for the deadbeats.

Responsible adults carry insurance. Now, we’re all going to be responsible adults whether the right wing agrees or not.

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