Commuting with Julie – Gun Debate

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This video has been modified because I had less than 60 seconds of “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson and some brief commentary regarding it.  For whatever reason, my little viewed videos keep getting flagged by YouTube for having copyright material.  I find this interesting because 1) There’s a lot of copyright material on YouTube that includes the full song, while mine contains a lot less and 2) Why is my little account being viewed? (I suspect someone is reporting my videos because they don’t like me and not some vast conspiracy with YouTube.)  Anyway…Here are my thoughts on how to debate me, as well as some information on Hawaii’s new gun law.  Enjoy!

Laws Repealed

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I don’t think John Bohner truly understands how much we Americans hate this Congress. I don’t believe he understands what Congress is supposed to do. And, if he wants to be judged on how many laws they repeal – they suck at that one, too.

Texting and Driving: It’s safe, right?

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Still think Texting and Driving is safe?  Are you one of those people who think that laws against texting and driving are written for the other people?  You know whom I mean – all those people who are just morons or jerks and can’t possibly drive their car as well as you can.  Think you can do better?

I have my moments of superiority, like all of us do.  I am, afterall, only human.  But, texting and driving is a major hazard.  Holding your phone us to your mouth, with your caller on speaker isn’t all that safe either (I’m talking to you, lady in the white Ford Focus who couldn’t keep up a steady speed and swerved into my lane twice).

According to the Infographics Website, you are 8 times as likely to cause an accident by texting and driving.  Let me repeat that: 8 times.  It is more dangerous than drunk driving or talking on a cell phone (although, I didn’t see any statistics of how dangerous you are when driving drunk AND talking on a cell phone).

Still think you’re invincible – you must be, right – it’s the other guy who kills someone or themselves by being stupid behind the wheel.  It certainly couldn’t be YOU.

Check out this interactive game on the NY Times website.  Play it once – that’s right, just once (repetition can improve your skills and cause you to pass the test – that’s not how the real world works).  Take a look at your score.  Then, decide if I’m right that texting and driving is dangerous and we shouldn’t do it.

Gauging Your Distraction