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Poll Fixing?

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I’ve been hearing talk that some Republicans believe that the media is fixing the poll results to put President Obama in the lead. Frankly, I think that’s ridiculous, but supposed it was true. I know it isn’t, but hear me out.

Who would President Obama’s lead benefit?  Certainly not the Democrats. A far enough lead in the polls can lead to some voters staying home. This election is going to be closer than the polls are suggesting. Every voter who supports President Obama needs to vote in this election – regardless of the polls lie. There are some people who might think Skip it, Obama’s in the lead, he doesn’t need my vote. This kind of thinking, coupled with the un-Constitutional new voter laws, could hand Mitt Romney the election.

Instead of whining, what the Republicans should be doing is holding up these poll numbers and use them to rally their base.

What is happening is that they are ignoring the truth and trying to package it as a lie.

I pray every night that President Obama wins the election. But, if the Republicans keep wasting opportunity, then I think President Obama will be taking his second Presidential Oath of office on January 20, 2013.

Better Off Now?

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The Romney Campaign likes to ask if you’re better off now than four years ago. Four years ago, I was working at a job that was going nowhere. The top people decided to give a tiny raising followed by a comment that we were all lucky to have jobs. Now four years later, I’m earning nearly twenty thousand dollars more than then. So, to answer Romney’s question, yes I am better off.