High Valley – Make You Mine…

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These guys are fantastic! High Valley is my new favorite group. Take a break from politics and funny videos to give them a listen… Wonder if I can get them to Commute with me?  They would certainly be adorable companions…

In a Month

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In a month, the first anniversary of losing my mother will pass. Here I sit, a month away from May 14, and it feels like it was last week and not last year.
Mom and I had a contentious relationship. Over the last few years, we had grown much closer, which I think makes the pain of losing her worse.
When I took my grandsons to Memphis, there was a hundred things I wanted to tell Mom. The top of the list was Danny singing on Beale Street. Mom and I often sang Karaoke together.

I know Mom would have enjoyed hearing about Danny and watching his video.

Sometimes when out shopping or on vacation, I’d find a funny sign for Mom, such as “I gave him the skinniest years of my life” or “My house was clean last week, too bad you missed it.”Last week when Cheryl and I were in Cedarberg, I saw a bunch of signs for Mom and my heart tugged at every one of them.
At her wake and funeral – where 250+ people passed through to pay their respects – I was told time and again that it would get easier. They lied. I think it gets harder. You collect more stories to tell, have more questions to ask, need more time. Ironically, while I don’t doubt my brothers’ pain, I sometimes wonder if I hurt more because she and I talked more? Nearly every work day, I would call her on my way home and we would talk – sometimes, it was five minutes, sometimes my whole hour and a half drive home.
I’m pretty sure that my mom is very surprised right now to learn that her most independent child, the one that seemed to need her the least, really needed her the most. She was more than just my pain-in-the-ass mom, who drove me crazy and with whom I would fight. She was my closest friend with whom I could discuss things I don’t discuss with anyone else. And, I miss that. She left way too soon. We had so much more to say.



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Nice song found on YouTube. Here’s what it said in the About Section:

This song began in a songwriting residency with 5th Grade students of American History in Campbellsport, WI. I really liked the chorus, and reworked the verses over time… finishing it with inspiration from my fellow Wisconsinites during the 2011 protests against our Governor and the influence of money in our State politics. I will always be proud of the peaceful, passionate and sustained protest of my fellow citizens in that time. It’s the finest example of American patriotism one could hope to witness.

The song is by Ken Lonnquist, who wrote yesterday’s song post.

Less Government…

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A song by Ken Lonnquist, which explains what’s happening in Madison, WI. Anytime someone is arrested for protesting or even just watching protestors; all our freedoms are threatened.

You can carry a gun into the Wisconsin state capital, but you’ll probably be arrested if you carry a guitar.