Affordable Care Act

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Pay attention to the fact that your state can refuse to expand medicaid, like Scott Walker recently did. By turning away the Federal money – poor people will be left without health insurance. One more item, small businesses won’t be hurt by Obama care – that’s one of those Conservative falsities (Conservatives love to lie). You need to have more than 50 employees to be affected.


Papa John’s Missed Opportunity

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I know you can’t always trust political messages on Facebook, but this was reported on Fox News a day ago – so it must be true. The CEO of Papa John’s is claiming the cost of healthcare (Obamacare) for the cutting of full-time staff to part time staff.

Papa John’s Pizza makes millions off their product and by some estimates the healthcare costs will amount to $.15 per pizza. $0.15. That doesn’t seem to be a lot of money to me.

The pizza company isn’t alone. A lot of chains are making the same remarks. And, it isn’t right. We should, as a nation, want the people who handle our food to be healthy. I don’t think it is good to have my food handled by someone with a persistent cough who can’t afford to go to the doctor.

I think Papa John’s is missing a real opportunity here. Instead of rallying against healthcare for his employees and looking like a greed infested monster, he should raise the price of his pizzas by $0.15 and make it a marketing campaign. “Look, we want our staff to be healthy and that costs money, so the price of pizza is going up by $0.15. We believe it is a small price to pay for healthy and happy employees.”

Wouldn’t you want to buy a pizza from that guy rather than from the rich guy who hates our President and doesn’t give a rip about his employees? He always looks like such a happy fellow in his commercials – doesn’t he want the same for his employees? I’m sure that he has healthcare.

Quite frankly, I don’t want to buy a pizza from a man who cares more about profits than people. It’s why I buy pizza from local places more often than from a chain. It’s why, even though I love crab meat and it’s crab fest time, I won’t be eating my birthday dinner at Red Lobster. I’ll be at a local, family owned restaurant.

Our friend, Mitt Romney

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While Governor, Mitt Romney signed into law a healthcare law that is very much like the Affordable Care Act. I will admit that I am not very familiar with Massachusett’s law, but I believe that if Romney had disagreed with the law, he could have vetoed it.

Romney is running for President and he plans on overturning ACA (aka Obamacare) on day one, my friend.

Now, this passed weekend, Romney goes on talk shows and said that there are some parts of ACA he likes and he will keep them.


How can anyone take this guy seriously any more? I don’t have a problem with a politician saying “You know, I was against this, but I did more research and I’ve changed my mind.” I don’t mind a politician saying, “I was against this, but I’ve received a thousand letters from my constituents and I’m going to vote for it, because they want me too.”  (Where would we find a guy like that?)

But, Romney is running on a platform that is against Obamacare! And, now he’s mellowing? Where is the decisive business man he claims to be? He flips and flops that it scares me. He wants to be liked. Mitt Romney wants all of us to like him.

But, that’s not possible when you’re running for office. You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. We need a President with a backbone! Not someone who wants all of us to be his friend. I have friends. The country has friends. What we need is a strong leader and Mitt isn’t.

Angry Lesbian – Ron Johnson Quotes

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When a few of Ron Johnson’s quotes are said in monotone English, they don’t sound so good.  Here’s my latest video.  I wish I had more time to do a more comprehensive video of all his quotes.  But, if the 52% lead he has holds up – I’ll have six years to point out his shortcomings.