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NYTimes: Donald Trump’s Campaign Signals He Will Pick Mike Pence as Running Mate

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Donald Trump’s Campaign Signals He Will Pick Mike Pence as Running Mate

This may rally Trump’s Conservative base, but this should scare the hell out of Independents and Progressives.  The last thing this country needs is a far right Christian that close to the Presidency.  We are talking about a man who still lives in the 1800s as far as social justice goes. 

I had no intention of voting for Donald Trump, but now, he’s sealed the deal – there’s no way I’ll vote for someone who has only read the first part of his Bible.

Commuting with Julie – GOP and Trump

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The GOP elite are endorsing Trump right and left.  Why?  How can you put your morals in a corner and ignore the standards of decency to endorse a racist?  Since when has Party Line been more important that having morals, values, and standards?

Poll Fixing?

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I’ve been hearing talk that some Republicans believe that the media is fixing the poll results to put President Obama in the lead. Frankly, I think that’s ridiculous, but supposed it was true. I know it isn’t, but hear me out.

Who would President Obama’s lead benefit?  Certainly not the Democrats. A far enough lead in the polls can lead to some voters staying home. This election is going to be closer than the polls are suggesting. Every voter who supports President Obama needs to vote in this election – regardless of the polls lie. There are some people who might think Skip it, Obama’s in the lead, he doesn’t need my vote. This kind of thinking, coupled with the un-Constitutional new voter laws, could hand Mitt Romney the election.

Instead of whining, what the Republicans should be doing is holding up these poll numbers and use them to rally their base.

What is happening is that they are ignoring the truth and trying to package it as a lie.

I pray every night that President Obama wins the election. But, if the Republicans keep wasting opportunity, then I think President Obama will be taking his second Presidential Oath of office on January 20, 2013.

Romney is NOT our Man

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Quick, which Presidential candidate had a rich daddy pay for his Harvard education?


Which candidate broke companies apart, created layoffs for his fellow Americans and became rich in the process ?


Romney’s campaign slogan “Putting Jobs First” is a joke of epic proportions. Romney isn’t someone who knows about putting jobs first. He is a business man and a very successful one. For that he deserves credit. However; you CAN’T run the government like you run a business.

Business people care about profits and that runs contrary to creating jobs. Businesses don’t create jobs for the sake of creating them. They create jobs when there is a need.

What creates need? Demand. Demand for your products or services creates the environment that causes companies to higher.

Profits DO NOT create jobs. Take a good hard look at the profit and lost sheets of nearly every major company in the country. You will find that most of them – the majority of them – are making higher profits now then before the 2008 crash.

Then, take a look at their hiring. See any job creation? Not a lot.

Think tax cuts are the answer? Think again. Taxes on the upper one percent and corporations are lower now than they were in the 1950s. And, still, very few jobs.

Is our economy improving?

Yes it is, but if we make cuts in government spending now – like Romney supports – and we further cut the taxes on the rich – like Romney wants – we’re repeating 1937. And, we all know what happened in 1937.

Romney is the wrong man at the wrong time. We don’t need a business man who only knows profits. We don’t need a man who spent his professional career laying people off. We don’t need a man who asks his country what can you do for me and then hides his money in the Cayman Islands. We don’t need a man who believes that “Corporations are people, my friend.”

We need a man who has had student loan debt. A man who knows our communities. A man who understands that the road to success is paved with hard work and dedication.

We need President Obama for another four years.

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Am I Alone?

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I pass on a lot of articles, facts and funny pictures all related to the upcoming Presidential election. A few if my friends have mentioned that they’ve turned off my feeds because they find it overwhelming. I get it. One friend turned me off because she didn’t want to see what I posted, because it differed greatly from her own views. The facts I post were getting in the way of her conservative belief system.

I realize not everyone gets how important this next election is. I get that some people have their beliefs so ingrained that you can’t shake them with facts and figures. But, I never stop trying and I’m beginning to feel alone in my hardwork.

Am I?

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