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Commuting with Julie – WI at the GOP Convention

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Scottie Walker will be making a speech at 10:30 EST tonight, just in time for everyone at the convention to leave.  It’ll be a chance for him to embarass Wisconsin once more.  Speaking of embarrassments, Ron Johnson, who pledged not to attend the convention, will be there as well.

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Angry Lesbian – Ron Johnson Quotes

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When a few of Ron Johnson’s quotes are said in monotone English, they don’t sound so good.  Here’s my latest video.  I wish I had more time to do a more comprehensive video of all his quotes.  But, if the 52% lead he has holds up – I’ll have six years to point out his shortcomings.

Why We Don’t Need Ron Johnson…

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According to an article on CNN, Ron Johnson says he’s “just a guy from Oshkosh”.  There’s the number one reason why we don’t need Ron Johnson as a Senator from Wisconsin.  Mr. “I’m worth 38 million dollars” claims to be just like you and me.  However; no one worth $38 million is just like you and me.

My next reason is the fact that Ron Johnson didn’t even bother visiting our nation’s capital until he decided to run for Senate.  Seriously?  You’re now going to make decisions from that capital, but you had no interest in visiting until you decided to run?  What a joke!

Next, as the Journal Sentinel has reported, Ron Johnson find that the United States Constitution “is not an easy document”.  So, I find his complaint that there are 57 lawyers in the US Senate laughable.  Just whom does Johnson think can read the document and how, if he doesn’t find it easy to read, is he going to uphold it?

I was reading an article that Johnson won’t release the information on his lowest paid employees or even the pay ranges of his employees.  I have to wonder why not?  Is he not paying his employees decent wages?  And, if he is paying a livable wage, what’s the big deal?  Why not release the wages and shut down the argument?

Finally, from the Journal Sentinel article mentioned above, I have a real problem with this statement:  The article states that Johnson supports the Patriotic Act — you know the one that took away a great deal many of our civil liberties.  Except, Johnson suddenly has a problem with it:  “I certainly share the concerns on civil liberties now that you have Barack Obama in power versus George Bush. I wasn’t overly concerned with George Bush in power.”  So, losing your civil liberties is okay when a Republican is in power, but losing those same civil liberties isn’t okay when a Democrat is in power.  What a hypocrite!  The Patriot Act should be repealed — PERIOD.  Any document that makes warrant less searches of our homes legal is bad, no matter who is president.  If Johnson can’t figure that out, there’s something seriously wrong with him.

Although, I will have to admit, I’m a bit of a hypocrite myself.  I’ve never really cared about owning a gun to protect my life or property, but if Ron Johnson becomes the Wisconsin Senator, I will be standing in line to buy one.  I have a feeling I will no longer be safe in my great state of Wisconsin.

Ron Johnson States Why He is Running for Senate…

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In one of Ron Johnson’s ads, he tells us that he is running for Senate because “I kept watching what was going on in Washington. What they are doing to our economy. People losing jobs and their homes. While politicians put us in more debt.”

And, yet, he doesn’t tell us what he plans to do to improve the economy.  We can’t all be handed companies and jobs from in-laws like he has.

I’ve seen blog posts where Johnson claims that he wants to “re-educate America”.  I can’t find anywhere that includes the whole quote and to what he is referring.

He has no plans that will help our country.  What he has planned, such as eliminating the Department of Education, will hurt our country.

In the ad, he states that he makes “a good living”.  I make a good living, but I don’t have a $38 million dollar war chest from which to draw funds to purchase a Senate seat.

I don’t trust Ron Johnson.  I don’t think he will help our economy.  I don’t think he will make things better for working families — he isn’t part of an Average American working family.  We don’t all marry women with rich fathers who can set us up in business.

I hope the residents of Wisconsin come to our collective senses before this man actually becomes the next Junior Senator from Wisconsin.

Why Homosexuality Should be Banned

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I saw the video below on YouTube.  You should check it out.  Also, I found this interesting, the ad that appears when I view the video is for Mark Neumann, who is running for Governor here in Wisconsin.  Just added yet another reason not to vote for him.  Remember, a vote for either Neumann or Walker is a vote against your gay and lesbian friends.  A vote for Ron Johnson is a vote against your gay and lesbian friends (not to mention the environment).

The video is a tongue-in-cheek look at why people don’t like gays and lesbians, but Johnson, Walker and Neumann are flesh and blood gay haters.  Johnson, also, doesn’t care about those who are unemployed and he refers to people who believe in global warming as crazy.

Do we really want these men representing Wisconsin?