Students Speak Out

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Here’s a video you should watch – especially if you’re for cutting the budget to Planned Parenthood.  And, if you are, you obviously have no idea about the realities of either what Planned Parenthood does, nor about the realities of what would happen if suddenly every woman or man who uses Planned Parenthood found herself or his partner pregnant.  It would not be a pretty sight.  Can you imagine all of those unwanted babies running around?  Can you imagine what we would lose as a society when the parents of the unwanted babies had to drop out of school?

Our teen pregnancy rates have declined by 20% over the last twenty years.  Even with the decline to 39.1% in 2009, we have the second highest teen pregnancy rate of all industrialized nations.  Cutting Planned Parenthood’s budget will most likely guarantee us first place.



Turtle Mating Video

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UPDATE: The video was down, but is now back up.  Funny stuff!

Yes, another post based on someone else’s blog.  I’m working on videos for next week, so stay tuned.

Anyway, I was over at Cadaver and Treacle and they have a video of a two turtles mating and one of them keeps saying WOW.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears.

Actually, I think those are tortoises.  I had wondered how tortoises mated when I was a kid and now I know.

Think they might be a little upset when they hear what we call that position?

Yes – I ran for the gutter and jumped right in!

See you Monday!