Sissy Boy

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Have I ever mentioned just how much I love the Bilerico website?  There are fantastic articles and opinion pieces – the site is great.  And, best of all, the writer’s over at Bilerico find the stories I would never know anything about.

So, once again, I’m ripping them off. Waymon Hudson wrote about a series of ads created by Zubi that features little boys doing things little girls do – wear Mommy’s high heels, put on makeup, etc. – for a karate school. The idea is that if you give your son karate lessons, he won’t grow up to be gay. It plays into all types of stereotypes and Wayne does a better job writing about it then I do.

What I did do was parody an ad – well, that might not be the right word, since I’ve never seen this, but I created this video, after reading Wayne’s article.