VW’s Union Problem

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Volkswagen is one of the most profitable car companies in the world. In their Tennessee Plant, they pay their starting workers $15.00 an hour. The company – at least in Germany – is unionized. VW believes in bringing worker (rather, labor) and management together to make joint decisions on how the company should run.

This is the opposite of how the right-wing rich guys in America operate. They do not want labor’s opinions, thoughts or ideas. And, they certainly do not want a union.

There’s been battles over whether or not Unions are still important in this country. Here’s a fact: Union membership was at it’s high (35%) in the 1950s when labor experienced high economic growth. Now, membership is at 11% and labor’s wages have grown stagnant. A stagnant labor means a stagnant economy. That’s why this recovery has been and will remain a jobless one.

But, I digress.

VW Tennessee Plant Workers, when the Union comes knocking, don’t turn it away again. Those who put up anti-union billboards don’t give a rat’s ass about you and your family. They (Grover Norquist, Koch Bros) care about themselves and how your union affects their bottom line. Listen to VW management, who believes that a union is good for business.