Funny Cat Video

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I’m just not having a good day and then I saw this video posted on facebook by a distant cousin.  I found it on YouTube.

Sometimes, you just need a laugh!


Best Of Science

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If you have not checked out the Best Of Science channel on YouTube – you are truly missing out.  I’ve checked it out and I truly enjoyed the explanation of scientific ideas.

Please take the time to check out their latest video.


Why Homosexuality Should be Banned

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I saw the video below on YouTube.  You should check it out.  Also, I found this interesting, the ad that appears when I view the video is for Mark Neumann, who is running for Governor here in Wisconsin.  Just added yet another reason not to vote for him.  Remember, a vote for either Neumann or Walker is a vote against your gay and lesbian friends.  A vote for Ron Johnson is a vote against your gay and lesbian friends (not to mention the environment).

The video is a tongue-in-cheek look at why people don’t like gays and lesbians, but Johnson, Walker and Neumann are flesh and blood gay haters.  Johnson, also, doesn’t care about those who are unemployed and he refers to people who believe in global warming as crazy.

Do we really want these men representing Wisconsin?

Weekend Post

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Okay, I was surfing YouTube – as you do on a quiet Saturday night – and I came across Mystery Guitarman‘s video: Video Book.  Since I haven’t finished my next video, I figured that I’d post it here.  His videos are cool.  You might want to subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

Speaking of subscribing – I’m listed as BentleyGadget on YouTube, if you ever want to look for me.